Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


6. gc/Part one/Shopping

Chapter 6 Part one/Shopping

   “Today I’m all yours,” Ben declared when Pat opened the front door.

    Jerry was just leaving for work and, in passing, made a snide comment, “That’s nothing new. We all know you’re available when Matt’s away.”

    Ben’s face must have shown his reaction because Pat told him to “Cheer up,” and announced, “We’re going shopping.”


    Oxford Street was so crowded that Pat, afraid of being separated from Ben, hung on to his arm. Like that, they battled their way through the people to the Marks and Spencer store where Pat chose several tops and a couple of pairs of slacks that she insisted she wanted to try on.

    Ben didn’t like Pat in the first top she put on and said a definite, “No,” to it and a rather tight pair of slacks. Otherwise everything else she had chosen really suited her.

    “Now it’s your turn,” Pat declared eyeing his jeans with the neatly stitched up tear.

    “No way,” Ben protested. “I bought these jeans already like this they’re a fashion statement.”

    “Even when they’ve got great big holes in them,” Pat laughing said, as she poked her finger through the one she had extra ripped the other day her nail touching bare skin in the process.

    “Hey watch it, that hurt. They’re vintage, well worn jeans, the holes make them authentic.”


   Ben just to please Pat he allowed her to take him over to the menswear store across the road where they sold trendy gear.


   Pat was pleased she had got her way because maybe with a less revealing pair of jeans Ben wouldn’t attract so much attention from other men.

   She had to laugh when they entered the shop as two sales assents dashed over to serve Ben. What was even funnier was one of them had a cloth tape measure in his hand and had wanted Ben to go into the changing room with him so he could use it to measure Ben’s inside leg.


   The old Ben would have enjoyed having his inside leg measured especially as it meant someone’s hand in his crutch area which could possibly have led to having sex in the changing room.

   However a promise was a promise


   Pat chose and paid for a pair of replacement jeans and a shirt to go with them.

  They then popped back across the road to Selfridges, the department store to have a good look around. Pat, whose feet were hurting her by then, sat in this leather chair with matching footstall and thought it was very comfortable until Ben told her the price, which horrified her.



    For lunch they walked over to Hyde Park and sat on a bench at Speaker’s Corner. Having first bought a long baguette filled with smoked salmon garnished with cream cheese.

   Instead of breaking it into two, they started eating it from both ends, and laughingly met in the middle. They even shared a bottle of still water.


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