Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


4. gc/Part one/Photos

Chapter 4  Part one/Photos

    One day, when they arrived back at Jerry’s flat after a morning’s sightseeing, Ben surprised Pat by asking her if she would like to come upstairs and see his collection of photographs.


   Pat on entering the flat declared, “It's much bigger than my Brother Jerry’s flat. I suppose it has two Bedroom.”

   “Yes it has,” Ben agreed, “and two bathrooms.”

   “That’s nice,” Pat said trying to open the master bedroom’s door.”

   “Sorry that’s locked and off limits,” Ben said steering Pat away from the door in the direction of the balcony.”   

   “Wow!” Pat again declared making a beeline for the balcony, “You have a great view of the heath from up here,” she called back to Ben inside.

    “Yes it’s not bad,” agreed Ben coming out to join her.

    “Not bad, it’s terrific. You’re above everything up here and I can see for miles, not like down stairs, where the view is blocked by the trees.”

    Ben led Pat back inside and got her seated before bring out his portfolio of photographs.

   “Wow!” Pat exclaimed, “These are really good. I love the way you’ve used the mirror effect to capture the natural look of the guys.”

   “Thank you. Sometime ago I saw Danny use the mirror thing at the studio, where I help out once a week.”

   “So you’re really a professional photographer.”

   “No way, I’m still learning. Danny doesn’t pay me for the work I do. He gives me lessons for free. It’s a sort of trade off.”

    Pat started to laugh. She had just discovered why Ben took photos of guys after they had walked by. “This guy has a cute butt,” she said laughing.

    “Yes he does, but butt doesn’t fully describe it. We over here call it a cute arse.”

    “Hey, I don’t care what you call it, butt or arse. Come over to the States. I know of a small gallery in the village where you’re photo pictures would sell like hot cakes.”

    “That sounds like a good idea. Maybe I will next time Matt goes away.”

    “Just let me know and I’ll be happy to arrange it.”

    Before leaving to go back downstairs, Pat suggested they get tickets from the booth in Leicester Square to see a show in the West End the next day.

    “Sorry no can do, I’m working tomorrow.”

    “At the studio?” Pat enquired.

    “No I have to earn money tomorrow. I work from ten am until late in Camden market on a food stall. Why don’t you come along with me in the morning! I can show you around before I start work, then later, if you’re good, I’ll even give you some lunch.”


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