Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


2. gc/Part one/Party time

Chapter 2 Party time

   Ben knew he shouldn’t have gone to the party as soon as he entered the room. But the week following Matt’s leaving had been pure hell.

   It had started badly. His best friend Sammy couldn’t believe it when he refused to greet him as they usually did with a hug and a kiss and wanted to know what he’d done wrong to upset Ben.

   Sammy started laughing when Ben told him of the promise he had made Matt.

   “No way are you going to keep that promise.” Sammy had said, and then grabbing hold of his own crutch he stated, “You mean to say you’re going to give up playing with this for the next three months.”

   After seeing Sammy, things got worse. The bugger had spread the word about his promise. So all his friends invited him to have sex apparently there was a book on how long he could last without sucking cock.


   Thankfully, Ben didn’t have far to go. He could hear the music coming from Jerry’s place which was two floors below Matt’s flat.

   On entering, the room set up for the party Ben was approached by a man who reminded him of his lover Matt. It would have been rude not to say hello, but that was a big mistake, especially when he suggested to Ben they go somewhere else to get better acquainted. Ben remembering his promise, reluctantly shaking his head had backed away while saying, “No” He then moved over to the other end of the room


   Pat was bored she had helped prepare the food for her brother’s party and now was sitting all alone on the sofa at the back of the room watching his friends mingle.

   She cheered up when this young guy nearer her age entered the room and after having a brief conversation with one of the guy’s he headed in her direction.  


   “Hello, I'm Pat.”

   Ben replied, “Hi”, not sure if the person sitting on the sofa who had spoken was either a boy or girl. Because although having long hair it was pushed back into a pony tail secured by a rubber band. The face and body appeared boyish which Ben found attractive. The problem was one couldn’t always tell at Jerry’s parties. 

   “It’s Patricia and I’m Jerry’s sister,” she said.

   “I’m Ben,” he said somewhat relieved that it was a girl. “I live upstairs with my friend Matt. He would be here, but he’s away right now.”


   While watching virtually with his tongue hanging out the antics of the other men in the room, Ben learnt from Pat that this was her brother’s leaving party; his contract was ending the following month. Pat had decided it would be a good time for her to come visit him in London, before he returned to their home in New York. Somewhere during their conversation, Ben had happily agreed to be her guide to the London attractions, on the days he didn’t work, hoping, it would keep him away from temptation.


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