Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


3. gc/Part one/Friends

Chapter 3 Friends

   Pat couldn’t stop smiling every time she looked at Sammy. They were in a queue waiting to go into the gallery and while Ben was visiting the rest room Sammy had told her about Ben’s promise.

   This explained a lot of things like why Ben had moved away from Sammy whenever he got to close and putting her between them while walking from the station.

   She had thought he was acting straight for her benefit but apparently not.


   Ben felt something had changed when he returned from the restroom. He kept on seeing Pat and Sammy exchange knowing smiles. He suspected that once again Sammy couldn’t keep his mouth shut about the promise.

   This really pissed him off because he was trying his best to act straight for Pat’s sake.

   He thought, fuck that and started taking photos with his camera phone of Sammy and Pat in close up. He even persuaded them to snuggle up close and took a couple of them pretending to kiss. He then sent the photos using his phone to all their friends with the caption, “Young love strikes Sammy at last.”

   It didn’t take long for Sammy to receive congratulations and some very rude comments.

   After getting the text messages Sammy looked annoyed and rather very red faced. He gave Ben the finger saying, “Fuck you,” and ran off, leaving Ben and Pat alone.                   


   After Sammy had left, Pat decided not to mention the promise. Instead she played along with the charade of Ben being straight.

   Ben in his turn started taking photos of Pat in earnest, asking her to pose for him.

   In some of the photos he was able to capture some of the cute young men standing in the queue, in the background.


   Without Sammy around Ben and Pat soon became good friends they would stand in line with the other tourists making small talk, Ben learnt that Pat was an artist and loved to paint. She was always sketching on the pad she carried with her.

   Pat, from their very first outing, discovered Ben’s passion for forever taking photographs, especially of young men. To her surprise, he would even swing round and take a snapshot with either his phone or compact camera of their receding backs after they had walked passed.

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