Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


1. gc/Part one / Matt and Ben

Chapter 1 Part one/ Matt and Ben

   Matt looked over at Ben. He had to admit that his lover looked really hot, standing there in just his underpants. Matt especially like the way the outline of his semi hard erection showed through the white fabric. Dragging his eyes away from that tantalizing view, he briefly rested them on Ben’s hairless upper body. Moving up to Ben’s face, Matt was surprised how the morning sunlight coming through the windows made the fair skin and blond hair boy look so much younger than he really was. Matt still could not believe his luck that someone who looked so young and cute could be his. Ben gave Matt a cheeky grin then turning around he stepped into his blue jeans the one with the holes, giving Matt an eyeful as he slowly pulled them up over his bottom. Matt started laughing as he watched Ben from the bed getting dressed.


   Matt a submariner was on shore leave when he met Ben for the first time. He had just popped out of the gay club for a quick smoke when he noticed this skinny but cute young boy hanging around outside. According to the man on the door the boy had wanted to come in and had shown some ID to prove he was eighteen, which of course had to be false, because the boy didn’t look much older than fifteen. 

   Matt had walked over and introduced himself to the boy, whose name was Ben.

   Ben had been royally pissed off not being allowed to enter the club.

   He had been looking forward to this very day.

   He had wanted to come out to the world that he was gay, only to be denied access because he looked to young. He was eighteen today for God sake and legally able to have sex. 

   Matt could sympathise with the boy because even now, in his twenty’s he still sometimes had to show an age ID before being served a drink.

   Taking pity on the boy Matt decided to give the boy a birthday treat by going back home with him.

   In bed Matt was pleasantly surprised for although skinny, Ben was certainly well endowed and had sprouted an erection of some length.

   It was while Matt was servicing this two handed monster that all hell had broken loose Ben’s parents who according to Ben were away had come home unexpectedly.


   Ben and Matt had been together for three years now. Ever since that fateful day when Ben’s father had found them in bed together, and had thrown them both out, telling Ben never to return as he was no long his son. 


   Matt had just received his sailing orders. He didn’t want to leave Ben, but he had no option.

   The problem was that Ben got lonely when Matt was away sometimes for three or four months at a time, depending on the area where the nuclear submarine was patrolling. Also there would be almost no phone contact between them during that time as the sub had to maintain commutation silence.

   Matt could understand Ben’s feelings for he also found it difficult. His main worry was to come home to find Ben had moved out. That thought really frightened him every time he had to go away.

   The last time he came home after a three-month stretch he had found Ben in bed with this gorgeous looking young man.

   Unfortunately he had panicked and lost his temper and had literally thrown the poor young man out. This really pissed Ben off because he like many of his friends didn’t consider mutual jacking off or anything oral like kissing or giving a blow job as having sex.

   Before leaving this time, Matt extracted a promise from Ben even though they both knew he might not keep it for long.

   Ben had said, “I promise I will not have sex with another man. Is that alright?”

   “Yes but remember you’ve promised and another thing touching is not allowed either, you understand what I mean don’t you.”

   “Yes, yes, I’ve got that,” Ben acknowledged with a cheeky grin on his handsome face.

   “Say it to yourself every time you’re tempted and remember what happened the last time. Take this as a warning; if I catch you again, I’ll beat the crap out of you, understand?”

   Ben nodded, cringing at the thought of how Matt had reacted when he had come home early from his last trip. But he knew that Matt wouldn’t really do that for he was a big softy at heart.

   Matt had then taken Ben in his arms and had given him a very long goodbye kiss.


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