The box

It`s Christmas after the battle with Gaia has ended. Something unexpected happens


1. The box

The time was approaching. It seemed to sneak up on you and in the next minute, it had already flown by.
Annabeth was afraid. Sure, she tried not to show it but there is always that one crack that appears in a mask.
What if it all goes wrong? Will this be the last? No. Annabeth decided she couldn`t think like this. Not anymore. There would always be another. So she stood up straight with pride and looked in the mirror in front of her. She took in a deep breath and her reflection was what she always saw. Those startling grey eyes looking right at her. Annabeth was glad that she had these eyes. These eyes that could intimidate, compared to the rest of her. She sometimes thought what  it would be like if she didn`t have grey eyes? What if they were blue? Or green like Percy`s. People wouldn`t look at her the same. The deep breath that she kept hold of released. A faint knock hit the door and she twirled around.
"Are you ready Wisegirl?" Percy asked. He stood so close to her. She gazed into those mesmerizing green eyes then moved onto his face. The face that she would always remember and could never not love.
Annabeth nodded her head and Percy guided her to the door, taking her arm and being a gentleman. Once they had both descended the stairs, faces gleamed up at them.
"Merry Christmas!" Everyone cheered. But behind their skin, Annabeth knew how much each and everyone of them were grieving. No one could change the past. What`s done is done. christmas decorations filled the walls so there was so there were no bare spots. Everyone had one of those christmas hats on and some were already pulling crackers. There was a photograph with each and every one of the faces of the friends that had been lost. They deserve to celebrate christmas and this is the only way to do it. We won after all. But is it really called winning if you have lost what was precious to you? Well at least I still have Percy! Annabeth thought. She was greatful to the Gods. To her mother. To those who had helped make this possible.
If it wasn`t for them, Percy wouldn`t have been alive.
He had died. Right in front of Annabeth and it was all her fault. Her plan had failed. She would never forgive herself, never forgive what she had done. How could Percy even look at her? Percy knew she was hurting, so he did everything he could to make her feel better and she was grateful. She would never deserve Percy, but he had chosen her anyway and for that, she couldn`t be happier. But when Annabeth gazes at him, she can`t help but remember. When Percy came back; his first words were Annabeth. She had held him for hours screaming his name and holding tight, never letting go. Annabeth occasionally asked Percy how he had returned because it was a miracle and his anwser to each and every one of them was Luke.  That name always gave Annabeth a small zap in her heart. And Luke was always full of suprises,  even when he`s dead Annabeth said to herself.
It was time to open presents. Percy held his out for Annabeth to take and when she did, she held it carefully. When she opened it what she found inside is not at all what she expected.
Percy smiled his cute little smile in which Annabeth couldn`t stop smiling either. What she held in her hand was two dolls. One had blonde hair and grey eyes with a Yankees baseball cap on with a knife in it`s hand, the other had black hair and green eyes with a sword in it`s hand. The two dolls were holding hands.
"This is when we had our first quest, from then on we have always fought side by side and that will never change." Annabeth looked up at percy and a tear rolled out of her eye. She hugged Percy and didn`t let go. Once she had wiped her eyes, she gave her present to Percy. He opened it and laughed until tears came out of his eyes.
Once they had settled down, Percy took Annabeths hand and led her out onto the balcony.
"I have one more present I would like to give to you." He handed Annabeth a large cardboard box. She opened it and frowned in confusion: there was nothing there except for foam. "You have to get to the bottom." Percy seemed nervous. Once Annabeth reached the bottom, there was a note with an arrow pointing east of them. She looked up and saw the water creating words. They read: Will you marry me Wisegirl?
"I know it`s still early and we are still young and we don`t have to get married just yet, but will you marry me Annabeth Chase?" Percy knelt down on one knee. Annabeths smile reached her ears.
"Yes, Seaweed Brain." Annabeth threw her arms around Percy and kissed him.
"I told you: you`re not getting away from me. Never again."

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