2 Problems (Taylor Caniff and Matthew Esipnosa Fanficton_

Elizabeth Payne was your normal Teeneger living with her mom and going to school but what happens 2 guys pop up in her life and cause big problems for elizabeth.


2. Chapter 1: The Weekend Kiss

Finally i will start the story today... Hope you guys in joy it by the way that is Elizabeth okay guys.. Okay


The kiss

It was saturday and i wanted to stay my butt home but my mom had different plans than me of course. So i put on my toy story white sweater and pink skinny jeans and my favorite shoes Vans! and put my stupid hair in a messy bun not giving a one piece of shit about it.

"Elizabeth hurry up we are running behind more like a minute but come on" yelled my mom all the way downstairs, and of course i hurried to the front room seeing my mom impatient as heck.

"Thanks you sweetie now go in the car please and thank you" there you go momma the nice way i like it haha! and so we made our way to the blue ford truck i really loved it but my  mom needed something more her style not this big damn truck that she brought damn 2 years ago or when she got it from wrecking the other one.

In the car it was a different ball game her singing was the least of my worries but she couldn't sing worth crap even if her life depended on her singing talents folks. So finally we made it and we got to house that looked like it was worth a millions of bucks ha! but some dud and a boy that looked familiar to me come out of the house smiling well the guy at least. My mom and him hugged on the spot

"Sweetie this is Adam my new boyfriend..." wait slow your rolls momma bear did i just hear "Boyfriend"...... and she nodded of crud not again guy #4 now i count the guys so don't judge folks and the boy was the one and only

"Elizabeth.....?" it was holy shit Matthew Espinosa "umm hey matt ha...ha.... hows it going good am guessing?' i said and to make matters worse my mom didnt tell me nothing again.....

"well looks like you guys know each other" said adam and my mom said all flirty "i was about to say that poo bear!" what???????

we headed inside of the mansion it was fricking huge too big.. maybe ariana grande or a famous person gave it no them haha! and so adam and my mom went in the kitchen and matt and me in the living room alone... not my idea to be on the weekend and so we played Black ops: call of duty ive never played so i sucked badly like my mom trying to pick out food at walmart...

i saw the matt had a trampoline so i stopped for a minuete walking into the kitchen seeing the most Nashty thing ever my mom kissing matt"s dad ewww i thought am finna throw the frick up ugh just ewww and i turned bumping into matt "its al good ive seen that before so lets go jump Elizabeth sorry bout that" i was happy jumping time and so we jumped for a few but i got tried so i sat watching matt jump he was so dang hot man words cant describe matt.

Then it happened he fall on me and kissed me....


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