The purge


2. purging

I was scared what if something happened to ash and Mikey I wouldn't survive we heard the door open and close it was ash and Mikey I hugged ash he asked how my leg was I said fine I said I can walk now at least I walked to the living room and sat down ash came and sat next to me he laid down and I did to we fell asleep on the couch with his arm around my waist I woke up ash was still asleep I looked up at Luke and cal and Mikey tied up and justin above us I woke ash up he said what I said look thy are tied up he tried to get up we were both tied up our hands around our backs we got sat up justin came back in he came over to me and ash he slapped me ash told him to stop by this point my lip was busted wht James didn't tell us is that Liz was still alive he was talking about his godparents so his real parents are still living even his dad john john busted down the door he had a gun justin knew how close they were to me and ash justin grabbed me he held me t gunpoint john told him to let me go Liz untied all of the boys they all stood up justin said if anybody moves or try to do anything Hannah would get it john put his gun down justin kicked it away justin grabbed on to my arm squeezing it hard digging his fingernails into my skin I yelled in pain the bell went off signaling it was over he let go he ran off I fell to the ground in pain ash came to me he said we have to take you to the hospital

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