The purge


1. purge

Hi I am Hannah Irwin I am Ashton Irwin's little sister I am 14 he is 20 he is mazing anyway it's that time of they year where killing is legal for 48 hours our parents got kille last year in the purge so it's me and Ashton luke and cal and mikey we all protect each other it was time for the purge we all had weapons I had a knife ash and the boys each had a gun the bell went off signing it was purge time we heard gunshots we locked all doors and window I walked p the kitchen with my knife I opened the fridge and saw my ex bf I stabbed him but he cut my arm it was bleeding bad I called ash he came running he shot my ex grabbed me and cleaned my arm up we went back out to the boys we threw his body outside the boys all stayed close to me from now on we heard a knock on the door we got up it was James Luke's younger brother he was covered in blood he said his parents were killed we decided we had to go kill I went out alone I got caught by a boy who I thought was going to hurt me he saw a bit behind me I said oh no not justin justin is an enemy of mine I didn't see ash ir the boys around justin shot at me he hit my leg I fell to the ground the boy ran to me I said to ahead and kill me he picked me up and Carrie me to his house his mom is the school nurse I remember the boy he was my best friend his mom took care of my leg she said I couldn't walk for a while till I could get to hospital he carried me home he knocked ash answered he saw my leg he said thank you he said no problem I fell asleep in his arms ash said do you want to stay he said I have to get home sorry he handed me to ash he layed m son the couch on Luke's lap I woke up in Luke's lap and cal at my feet the sai your awake I said yeh where's ash and Mikey they said they went purging I couldn't walk Luke carried me to the kitchen and got me some tea we sat down cal came in and sat with us I said what happens if something happens to ash they said I would be put in foster care unless Mikey could get custody

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