The purge


4. happy

We watched despicable me 2 it was good we were all sat in my bed me and ash at the head and cal and Luke at our feet Luke kept tickling me it tuned into a tickle war they were all tickling me I said stop I can't breathe ash stopped and so I'd cal and Luke we eventually fell asleep in my bed we heard Mikey come home we woke up and went downstairs Mikey looked sad I sat down next to him the guys sat on the other couch I asked Mikey what's wrong he said any broke up with me I said I'm sorry Mikey we heard the door bell I got up and got it the boys sat with Mikey and comforted him I answered the door it was any George I could say anything she pulled me outside she said she was sorry for what he did to Mikey she said look at this I got it it was a pic of my bf Harry kissing some girl I started crying she said I'm sorry Hannah I said it's not your fault she said I have to go I said bye I ran upstairs as soon as I got inside ash came to my room with Mikey and Luke and cal they were all banging on my door I said what do you want they all said let us in I said no I said I will let cal in that's it okay they all left except cal I let him in I told him about Harry he hugged me I went downstairs with cal and told the rest of the boys they said they were going to hurt him if he ever came around I heard a knock I went it was hardy I said what do you want he sai did any show you the pic I said yeah why aren't you kissing you other girlfriend he said that was my sister I said then why kiss her on the lips that's just groks he said for this he kissed me we pulled away I heard ash yelling at him Harry and me explained ash forgave him so did the other boys

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