The purge


5. gone for ever

Turns out Harry did really cheat on me so we broke up I was in my room when my twitter notification went off I looked t it it said go kill yourself they all said it I couldn't take it anymore I ran downstairs to the boys ash saw I was crying he said Hannah what's wrong I said nothing but it was something I was killing myself the same way my best friend died jumping off a bridge ash knew I had talked about it he came up to me he grabbed me and hugged me the boys also knew ask whispered are you doing same as Mackenzie I said yes I can't take it anymore ash I am done before he could say anything I ran out he door he ran after me along with the boys I got to the bridge ash couldn't stop me I woke up in a hospital bed I saw cal and luke no ash or mikey I said luke cal pal they said you are awake I said yeah where is ash and mikey they said they are in the hall here they are now they came in ash hugged me Harry can in I said can we have a minute the boys left Harry sat down I said what are you doing here he said I had to come I said for what he said this h slapped me I was done with him I got up I was release I went and changed into my skater skirt crop top and knee high converse I walked out the boys were ready they said mikey left

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