Big brother

Casey always felt like her mom was hiding something, if she only knew...


2. the news

I came home after school and saw my dad's car parked in the driveway. That's weird because he's never at home this early.

When I walked inside, mom and dad were sitting at the table, with the most serious faces.

"Hello, love. Sit down, we need to talk"

"But dad, I have a French test Monday, and I need to study, but I can talk at dinner?"

My mother's head snapped in my direction. She looked worried, upset, sad. What the hell was wrong?

"No babe, mom has something to tell you."

I hesitantly sat down, unsure if this was good or bad. 'God, please let this not be about my report card' I silently prayed.

" Babes, do you know who this is?"

My mom held up a photo of Harry Styles. What the actual bloody hell?!

"Uhm... yeah, Harry Styles?"

"What do you know about him?" My dad asked. Weeeellll this was gonna be a long list. I love that boy!

"He is in 1D, born in Holmes Chapel, likes football, his mum died when he was 4, lives with Louis Tomlinson, birthday is the 1st February..." I trailed off as I saw my mom crying.

Did I say something, anything?

My dad looked at me, "Hon, Hazz is your brother"

I froze as I just registered the news. My mother made a wailing noise as she sobbed. I felt bad, sad, mad, happy (who wouldn't, it's HARRY frick'n STYLES) , overwhelmed. Probably every single emotion you could think of.

I ran up to my room, closed the door and sat on the floor. I mean really, WHAT?!?! But it made sense, my mom had a previous marriage with a guy named Des, and how could I miss it!

I decided I should go shower and went to sleep.

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