Big brother

Casey always felt like her mom was hiding something, if she only knew...


4. the meeting


I was as nervous as hell. I've seen pics and videos and stuff about her, I've never met her but I really do love her. I got ready in a bandana, the Kelly family t-shirt and skinny jeans.

Me and the boys were still in the tour bus, on our WWA tour. But since it is break time, we have 3 months to ourselves. I got into my black jeep and left.

At chick filla I instantly saw her... Dark brown hair, green eyes, my beautiful baby sister. She didn't notice me, as she was texting. I swear I was maybe crying. But only a little.

I sat in the chair opposite her and she looked up at the sudden movement.

"Casey..." I softly whispered at her before she jumped up, and found her way onto my lap.( not like that you dirty minded freak:) ) as soon as her head hit my shoulder she started to cry. Hard.

Casey's POV

I was checking twitter while waiting at chick filla. I jumped as I felt the table move. There,in front of me, was my brother. Red swollen eyes, from starting to cry.

"Casey..." He softly whispered my name. I couldn't hold it. I jumped on his lap, crying into his T-shirt, making it wet. I herd soft sobs from him to.

Finally, after a few minutes, I got back in my seat.

"I'm sorry it's just-" he cut me off.

"It's fine love, really. Thus can't be easy for anyone."

" How long do you know?" I asked, sure that he had also only found out recently.

"Since you were born. I was raised knowing about you, but nothing more. Although, I loved you from the very beginning, I still do" I was shocked but also stunned. That was so sweet!

"Harry, I'm still confused and shocked, but give me 2 days, and I will learn to love you as my brother. I'm sure of it. Couldn't take that long. I already have a deep regard towards you."

We ordered food.( sorry, they don't have chick filla in South Africa so I don't know the orders).

"You know, this is weird, you were my biggest celebrity crush until, 24 hours ago..."

"Is that so? Well than Zac Efron should be the your substitute."

I giggled. I'm so glad I met him.

" do you want to play 20 questions?" He asked

I agreed. H: harry C: Casey

1.favourite food:

C: Burger King

H:Pizza Hut

2.favourite artist/band:

C:Ed Sheeran

H: Coldplay

3:Favourite animal


H: cats

4: favourite colour

C: blue


5.first movie to cry in

C: Pearl Harbor

H: The Fault In Our Stars

I laughed, really harry?

6. Number of pets:

C: 8:2 dogs, rabbit,budgie,6 hedgehogs

H: 4: 3 man children and a liam.

I couldn't hold it. I burst out laughing getting weird looks from people around us.And so the game went on. Afterwords we went to Milky lane (I don't know if they have that in ur country but it's a icecream shop) and got some froyo. It was late. We were at the mall the rest of the time.

He drive me home. I think my parents were out so it was just us 2. We ordered pizza and watched the hunger games. I fell asleep on his shoulder.

Harry's POV

I heard small snores coming from Casey. I slipped out underneath her, switched off the telly and carried her up to her room. It was average, but her bed was big enough for two. I layed her down, making her comfortable, and layed next to her. And so we fell asleep.

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