Big brother

Casey always felt like her mom was hiding something, if she only knew...


5. next morning

I woke up, feeling arms wrapped around me like a seatbelt. Every time I move Harry's grip tightens. At one point, I swear he knew I could barely breath.

"Harry... Can't...breath..." I managed to squeak out. He had a smug grin on his face and opened one eye. I poked his nose and he licked my cheek... Eww!

"Mr. Styles, morning breath! It reeks!" I tried to say in a posh voice but failed miserably. I got up and brushed my teeth. Harry followed. I went downstairs and we ate leftover pizza.

"So, wanna meet the boys today?" Harry asked me.


We decided that we are going to the bowling alley at the mall. It sounded good. We could go for Starbucks afterwards.

I got ready in a black Rolling Stones tee and white jeans with my classic converse. I put my hair in a French braid and put some chunky bracelets on.

I waited 15 minutes for my brother to fix his curls and we were off to meet the boys!!!

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