Big brother

Casey always felt like her mom was hiding something, if she only knew...


6. Bowling alley

We got into Harry's black Jeep and drove to the mall. We were mobbed getting out of the car. You know, Harry being famous and all. I got panicked and Harry grabbed my hand, instantly laying a calming effect on me. He must have noticed.

When we reached the bowling alley, there were four boys standing infront of us getting their bowling shoes.

"Hey lads!" Harry yelled from behind them. They all turned around and one with light chestnut hair and icey blue eyes turned around.

"HARRY!!!!" he screamed, leaping into Harry's arms. Harry let go of my hand to stop from tumbling over with the overly-exited man child on his chest.

"Jeez Lou, I'm sure he missed you too,but give the guy some rest" a blonde said with an irish accent clearly evident in his voice. Another with jet black hair came to help peel the blue-eyed, crazy boy from Harry's body. I realized that someone was not present out of us 6, until I turned around seeing another dude, filming the affair with his phone, laughing uncontrolably. after a few seconds I joined him.

After everyone was on their OWN feet, the boys introduced themselves as Liam, Zayn, Louis, Niall. They seemed nice. We divided into teams of two:





Team Ziam ended up wining, with team Nacey close on their tails and The Larry Stylinson Clan ending up last place because the apparently had some problems like chipping their nails and their lipgloss smudging and what not. After the bowling game we decided on a sleepover at our place.


HI!!! So Im sorry for the short chapter. I'll write again shortly. Thank you for all the positive feedback. LURV YOU ALL !1!1! .

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