Stop playing with my feelings

2014 - I was the one who no one knew anything about. The fans had no idea that I exist and Niall kept me behind all the walls, to have me all to himself. Was this the life I wanted?


16. Yes or no?

When the weekend came chose Niall and I to keep us away from all eyes. We ordered pizza, sat and watched old movies and we just talked about everything. It was as if we shut out all the fans, all the must-haves and we just enjoyed each other. 


"I've done something stupid!" 
I looked at Niall and I gasped. What had he done now? 
I saw at Niall he laughed inside, but he tried to look serious. What had he done now? 
"Yeah ..." he said cheerfully, and he stood up. He showed me to take his hand and he quickly pulled me up on the floor. 
"What happened?" I asked quickly. He just smiled wryly and he pulled me quickly toward the bedroom. I didn't know if I should smile or what to feel. He pulled me to the bathroom and I watched as he poured the water in the bathtub. 
"Take your clothes off!"
I hesitated, but he gave me that look that told me that I couldn't argue with him. Therefore, I obeyed him. I took off my clothes and I put them on the bench. Quickly, he took my hand and he made ​​sure I slipped into the water. 
"Shall I sit here?" I asked uncertainly. He nodded with satisfaction and he made ​​sure I sat down comfortably. 
"Wash your body and make sure your clean." he said, almost demanding. Then he disappeared and left me alone. I was just surprised and I didn't understand what he had planned.


Half an hour later he came back to me and immediately I noticed that he also was naked. Without a word he slid down into the water and began to lather up. 
"Shall we go out to a restaurant?" I asked, just to find out something. He grinned, and he shook his head. I frowned and looked at me, when he was clean. 
"So we wont leave the house?" 
He smiled at me and his eyes shone. He said nothing. When he was finished, he jumped up on the floor, dried himself and then he took out a towel to me. I jumped out of the bath and he quickly began to dry my body. 
"But you must tell me something?" 
He was still in great spirits. He kissed me on the cheek and then he let the towel slide down towards the floor. We stood naked next to each other and he looked down at my body. I blushed, but only because I didn't know what he was thinking.


Niall took my hand and he took me into the bedroom. I was surprised. Everywhere shone candles and the bed was filled with rose petals. In the background played soft music, and I saw immediately that he had planned something special. He smiled big and he showed no sign that he wanted to tell me anything. He laid me down, instead, on the bed. I followed him with my eyes when he went to get something. He came back with a red tie, that he directly took around my hands. He did so that my hands were stuck in the bed end and then he sat down between my legs. I blushed, because I realized that he wanted to have sex, but Niall took it easy. He let his hands glide over my body, and he looked straight into my eyes. 
"From now on, you are just quiet, until I require you to say anything." 
I nodded and I swallowed. He smiled big and he let his hands embrace my breasts. I looked at him all the time. Slowly, he began to rub his hardness against me and I responded immediately. He grinning. 
"I know you're mine." he murmured contentedly. "I know that I own everything that I can touch on your body." 
I agreed, he had told me not to say anything, so I was silent. I followed in his movements and when he penetrated, it was as if he filled me with everything. I moaned and I groaned. Niall smiled and he made ​​sure he slid in all the way. 
"Jenny, I want you to know that I own you." 
I frowned. He didn't want him to own me, but I wanted to be his. Niall understood immediately what I was thinking. 
"You own me." he moaned and he slowly started to move on the hip. "I own you and you own all of me."
I closed my eyes and I felt how he began to increase the pace. He pounded into me and I tried to move in his movements. My hands were firm and I wanted to touch his body, but I couldn't. 
"I want you to know that I own you." he whimpered. "Do you feel me in you?" 
I nodded and I gasped. He lay down on top of me, with one elbow on each side of my head. I felt our movements affect us and he filled me with emotion. I took my legs around his waist and I tried to kiss him. Niall teased me and he kept his head far away from mine. 
"Not yet!" he groaned and slammed hard into me. I cried almost straight out. He went on, he was moving and he got me to give in. I reached the precipice and I fell. I screamed and I felt the whole I was filled with everything. I exploded into a thousand pieces and I landed in the mist country. I heard Niall reached the end and he pounded into all the cum in me.


"Why did you do this?" I whispered hoarsely and cloudy. Niall laughed and he made ​​sure my hands were free. I was fast and I took my arms around his body. He kissed me and he was breathless. 
"Because ..." he whispered, "Because I can!" 
I opened my eyes and I looked at him. Niall grinned and I felt him hold out one arm. He was looking for something on the bedside table and he laughed a little bit. 
"I have one thing that I have bought." 
I looked over at the bedside table, and I saw how he grabbed a small box. I gasped. The thoughts whirled around. 
Niall put the box next to us and he smiled at me. 
"Jenny, I have for some days been thinking and I know that this is something you do after five years together." 
He took the box and he opened it. I saw the ring and I couldn't stop staring at it. Niall took up the ring and he showed it to me. 
"I wont go down on my knees."
I don't know why I reacted in that way. I should have thought about if I wanted the same thing, but instead I got a bit annoyed at him. 
"If you intend to propose to me, you must get down on your knees." 
He laughed and he kissed me. 
"Only if you say yes?" 
I bumped into him. 
"I answer only yes if you go down on your knees." 
Niall was fast. He sat up and he pulled me up. He stood on the floor naked and he went down on one knee. I sat on the edge of the bed, with my feet on the floor and I just stared at him. Everything spun around and the only thing I knew was that he now wanted to proposed to me.
"What do you think Jenny?" he asked. "Would you marry me?" 
When I was younger, I had often fantasized about when a guy would propose to me. He would get down on his knees and he would tell me what he felt for me. He would tell me about how much I meant to him and that I was the only one for him. The imagination was more romantic towards Nialls words. Therefore I frowned. 
"Wont you tell me anything that you love me and that..." 
He put a hand over my lips and he smiled big. 
"No, I'm not going to talk about all those things, because you already know that you are my everything. I want to put this ring on your finger, for everyone to see that you are my princess." 
I gasped. Niall took his hand away. 
"Jenny, I want to show the world that we are a couple. I'm going to marry you one day, and with this ring I show everyone that I mean business."
I was close to start crying, but not because of sadness, but because I knew he really meant it. I looked at him when he took my hand and he smiled big. 
"And you say yes or say no?" 
I nodded. 
"Of course, I say YES!" 
Niall giggled and he entered the ring on my finger. He then wiped away my tears and he smiled contentedly. 
"You are the only one for me, and everything else doesn't matter." 
I threw myself into his arms and I kissed him. I was about to become Mrs. Horan.

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