Stop playing with my feelings

2014 - I was the one who no one knew anything about. The fans had no idea that I exist and Niall kept me behind all the walls, to have me all to himself. Was this the life I wanted?


22. The fans

Major headings: 'Niall Horan is married and he will now be a dad. "
Twitter was inundated with comments. The news was like vultures after us and slowly I realized that my life would never be the same again. Okay, I had imagined what it would be like, but I was surprised how many people really wanted to know more. Eventually forced management us to set up an interview. Everything just to calm the fans and to let our story come out.


Elaine was she who would interview us. She promised not to ask sensitive questions. I was wearing makeup and I put on my clothes, which were normal. My stomach began to appear, but it wasn't too big. Niall and I was placed on a couch and he quickly took my hand. Elaine sat down on a simple chair next to us and we got microphones-fitted at our collars so that it could be heard what we said.


"Take a deep breath!" Niall whispered to me and he smiled big. "You don't need to answer everything and choose what you are telling her about." 
I nodded and I understood. We heard that all was clear and I saw at Elaine that she was ready. A couple of cameramen stood and directed the cameras to us, to her and to us all. I sighed. They really wanted to capture us from all directions?


"This is a exclusive interview that I today get to do with Niall Horan and his wife Jenny Horan." Elaine's voice was sure and she looked straight into the camera. "It came as a shock to fans that Niall had a girlfriend and I'm sure that all wasn't ready for that fact, that he chose her for his wife and that she was then pregnant. But today they are here to tell their own story to us and the truth."


I was amazed at how professional Niall was. He talked about how we met and he explained that we had known each other for over five years. He explained that he was afraid to show me up, but after a break between us, he realized that I was the woman in his life. I felt like a princess and I didn't need to say much. Niall did the talking and I just smiled.


"Jenny?" Elaine looked straight at me. "So how does it feel to get both hate and others from the fans? I understand that this is something that you have to get used to, but I have to ask how you feel about this with all the girls as want to have your man?" 
I smiled and I blushed. Niall took my hand tightly and he seemed to hold his breath. 
"I think I understand how they feel." I replied simply. "I'm no more than a ordinary girl, and they are several million in number. I guess I don't know more than understanding. I had been like them, if only I was a fan." 
I smiled at Niall and then against Elaine. 
"They don't know me and the only thing they know about is that I stole Niall in front of their eyes. I was prepared to hate and I don't expect anything else."
Elaine smiled and she seemed pleased. She looked down at the paper, and she continued. 
"It can't be easy being married to Niall?" 
I laughed. 
"Well, it's so simple. We are so similar and I know that he will always stand behind me. I will always stand by his side, because I know that what we have is real." 
Niall agreed. 
"Jenny has known what it is like to be famous and she understands that I'm not always available." he smiled at me. "She has seen all sides of my life, and yet she stays."


Elaine asked many questions and Niall chose to just talk about what he wanted her to find out. When it came to the secret wedding he just laughed. 
"I wanted something that was all about us and not about to end up on the newspapers' headlines. I wanted to get married in secret because marriage is about love and not about celebrity." 
I smiled at him and I could feel my stomach tingled. I loved to hear how he described that everything about the two of us, just for us. 
"And what did you feel about all the secrets?" Elaine asked me. I looked at her. 
"I wanted Niall and for me it didn't matter if it was a big wedding or a small one. We didn't want to make something big out of it, we wanted to keep it intimate."


Afterward, Elaine came up to me and she hugged me. I was surprised that she did so. She released me and she smiled big. 
"I see that what you have is genuine." she whispered. "I just wanted to tell you right now, that you have got your first and biggest fan, me." 
I blushed. 
"Thank you?" 
She laughed a little bit. 
"I hope everyone saw how wonderful you are together, and I think everyone saw that you love each other." 
I also kept my fingers crossed. 
"We'll see." I said kindly. "Tomorrow we will know the truth?" 
Elaine agreed and she laughed a little bit. 
"One Direction have fans who really look after the guys, but if you get past their hatred, they will love you more than you can dream about."









We are certainly the worst fans available, but it's because we stand behind the guys all the time. I think the day when Niall finds her, as he truly loves, we will first hate her. Nevertheless, we will finally love her and be happy that Niall found the Princess? Or what do you think?

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