Stop playing with my feelings

2014 - I was the one who no one knew anything about. The fans had no idea that I exist and Niall kept me behind all the walls, to have me all to himself. Was this the life I wanted?


8. new boyfriend

There was a fireplace in the cottage. Jamie did immediately so that there was a fire in it, and quickly the room warmed up. I sat on the couch and I watched him as he made all arrangements. I tried to take it easy and I tried to enjoy his company. 
"We might go to the neighbor in the morning." he said. "They're having a party and I said that we might peek into the party?" 
I nodded tired. I didn't care if I was with people or alone with Jamie. In a way, it felt more appealing to not be alone with him. 
"So there are neighbors here in the fall?" I asked silly. He smiled and he came over to the sofa. 
"Many people have winterized cottages." he said, and he sat down next to me. I felt his arm slipped around my shoulders and he made ​​sure we sat near each other. "It's their son that's there." he said further. "He's all right." 
I couldn't bother. I looked into the fire and I wondered if I had chosen the right path in life. Jamie was very kind, but I had no feelings for him. I felt no tingling in my stomach and I felt no desire for him. 
"Isn't it cozy?" 
I nodded and I smiled at him. Jamie looked at me and our eyes met, I realized that he really thought that I was his girlfriend. There was something about his eyes that told me that and I was a little scared.
"You are a good friend!" I said quickly. Jamie was startled and I saw at him that he didn't like my words. 
"Come on Jenny." he whispered sweet. "We have spent time every day for a long time and you know there's something more between us?" 
I wanted to scream no, but at the same time I had tried to give him hope. I had played like I had feelings, and in a way I didn't want to mention that I had lied. 
"We should just be friends." I whispered. He raised his hand and he let it slip over my cheek. Against my will, he kissed me. I felt his lips against mine, and even though it was a perfect kiss, it wasn't Niall. I didn't resist. I didn't dared to disappoint him.


Jamie landed on top of me. I quickly forgot my doubts and I felt how he much he wanted my body. I ended up in such a fog that I didn't care who he was. He moved prefect over me and I felt how he pressed his hardness against me. He made me groan and he made ​​me horny. I couldn't just quit and I didn't want to quit.


Our clothes went off. He parted my legs and right as it was he penetrated. I whimpered and I felt him fill me. He had a larger, towards Niall. He filled me and I followed his movements. He moved more over me against Niall and eventually I forgot to compare them.


Jamie sat up and he took my legs over his shoulders. I felt how he increased the pace and he was pounding straight into me. It was wonderful and I loved it. I closed my eyes and I let him lead me wherever he wanted. I was filled with emotion and I threw back my head. I felt his hand slid down and he quickly began to caress my most sensitive part. He took me over the edge and when the orgasm came, I screamed right out, and I shook.


Jamie lay exhausted down on top of me. I felt his arms around my body and how our sweaty bodies was pressed together. 
"I will make you forget him." he whispered hoarsely against my ear. "Give me a chance and let me take care of you." 
I smiled. I no longer had anything against it. I nodded slightly and I took my arms around him. 
"Okay!" I whispered tenderly. "Let us try?"




In the morning I woke up in bed. I realized that Jamie had brought me to the bed during the night and I was grateful for that. I felt refreshed and for the first time in a long time, I was in a good mood. Jamie was close to my back and I felt his naked body lay against my skin. He was still asleep and I heard that he was snoring lightly. I lay there and I tried to feel if I had any feelings for Jamie? Okay, I liked him, I really liked him. Jamie was anything but what Niall was and he wasn't afraid to be with me outdoors. He had done everything correctly and I should be grateful. Still, as always, the picture of Niall come back. After all, I hadn't just had fights with Niall. We had also had days when everything had been fine and when I had felt loved.


I felt Jamie was moving behind me. Quickly I felt his hard part began to come to life and I giggled lightly. 
He smiled and he kissed my neck. 
"Yes, when I have such a good looking girl here." 
He parted easily on my legs and he laid me down on my back. He was quick to land on top of me and he was quick to penetrate. I groaned and I took my arms around his neck. He looked straight into my eyes and he showed that he was ready for anything. 
"I love you Jenny." 
I froze. Wasn't it a little early to talk about love? Jamie laughed when he saw that I reacted. He kissed me and I felt him began to move on his body. Slowly, he slid out of me and then he fill me again. 
"I wont say it again." he whispered hoarsely. "I just want you to know about what I want. I want you!" 
I groaned. He moved faster, so I took my legs around his waist and I followed the movements.


Afterwards we lay and just kissed each other. Somehow, I loved having him so close to me and his body was prefect. He had been training at the gym and I felt that. He had muscles and he had that body that a girl just panted for.


I don't know why, but we stayed in bed all day and we did it many times. I didn't get enough of Jamie and he never seemed to get tired. He ran on as a machine and I realized that he really knew how to do it, to convert a girl.


"We need to take a shower and go to the neighbor!" 
I shook my head quickly, but he gave me a knowing look. 
"Come on, sweetheart." he whispered amused. "We have to be a little social sometimes." 
I agreed. 
"Okay, but then we quickly run back again?" 
Jamie laughed and he kissed me. 
"I'm your eternal slave." he joked happily. "We shower, go to the party and then we spend the rest of the night here, just you and me, together." 
I nodded and I felt how he slipped out of my arms. He was quickly inside the toilet and I heard the shower began to wash his naked body. I still lay there and I smiled at the ceiling. I was satisfied, I was happy and I realized that Jamie was worth it all.




I chose a simple dress. I put on a dress, pants and shoes. I took make up on my face, and I made ​​sure my hair was perfect. 
"You are so beautiful!" 
I smiled at Jamie and for the first time I blushed easily. He looked even better. He was wearing a black shirt and jeans. He had let the buttons be open and you could catch a glimpse of his muscles beneath the fabric. 
"Thank you!" 
He came up to me and he kissed me lightly. 
"Are you ready?" 
I nodded and I took his hand. We went to the hall and he helped me get on my jacket. He was a gentleman and he was the answer to all the questions.




Now comes the moment when the shock took over my whole life. The neighbor wasn't just any neighbor. In the cottage was Harry Styles, Niall Horans friend and he had invited many of One Direction friends. I was close to turning around in the door to walk back, but neither Harry or Jamie knew about anything. I had met Harry a few times before, but he didn't recognize me. It was as if I was another girl and I couldn't help but feel a certain fear. What if Niall showed up?

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