Stop playing with my feelings

2014 - I was the one who no one knew anything about. The fans had no idea that I exist and Niall kept me behind all the walls, to have me all to himself. Was this the life I wanted?


10. Him

I put the tea water in my throat. There was a knock on the door, Jamie opened the door and in came Harry and Niall. It was as if time stood still and I just stared at Niall. Why did he came to Jamie's house?
"We just wanted to thank you for yesterday." Harry said and I was surprised when he gave me an extra long look. It was as if Harry knew and he made a conscious choice. Jamie knew nothing and he laughed a little uncertainly.
"We have tea and some bread?" he said kindly. "Would you like some breakfast?"
Harry smiled.
"We'll do like this!" he said to Jamie. "You and I go to the store and buy more food? Liam and a few others come over then, if you'll excuse us. and they are hungry!"
Jamie became uncertain. He looked quickly at me.
"Will the others come here?"
Harry nodded, and I saw that there was a plan behind it all. Niall smiled at Jamie, as if the world was okay. Eventually Jamie went along with it and he laughed uncertainly.
"Okay the store is close?"
Harry smiled. 
"Fine, we'll take my car!" 
Jamie nodded and then he looked at me again. 
"Is it okay sweetheart?" 
I just nodded. What would I say? I swallowed and I noted that both Harry and Niall were satisfied. Jamie picked up the jacket and then he followed Harry out of the cabin.


"That was planned?" I exclaimed. Niall blushed and he nodded a little bit. He came up to the table and he sat down on a chair. 
"I have told Harry about everything." he whispered uncertainly. "We sat up half the night talking about you." 
My stomach tingled, my legs were shaking and I just stared at him. Niall tried to go on and I saw at him that he almost had planned a speech for me. 
"Please, Jenny!" he continued. "I know I did wrong and I have learned something from this." He looked straight at me. "I didn't realize until yesterday how much I love you and it was so painful to see you with another guy." 
I didn't know what to say. I swallowed and I tried to think clearly. 
"Niall, stop!" 
He smiled. 
"No, this time I wont stop." he said confidently. "I'm ready to go through fire for you to understand that I still love you with all my heart. I'm ready to fight for you."
I looked uncertainly toward the door and he saw that I thought that someone would show up. 
"Harry haven't told the others to come here." he said why. "And Harry's car has no gas in the tank, so they wont be here for a while." 
I hesitated. 
Niall laughed, and this time, he was amused. He nodded and he looked at me with the same eyes that I loved. 
"Jenny, please listen to me." 
I looked at him and I almost felt the need to hug him. 
"Niall, I don't want to just be a girl in the shadows." I said quickly. "You aren't ready to open up and tell the fans that you have me." 
He disagreed. 
"If you say yes today, I will inform the entire world that you are mine."
I gasped. Was this the same Niall that I had broken up with? I doubted it, but at the same time he promised things so many times before. 
"And what makes this time so special?" I asked quickly. He swallowed and I noted that he was thinking before he answered. 
"I have lived more than half a year in the dark." he said honestly. "I haven't done anything other than work and playing guitar. I missed you more than I could have imagined and I was too afraid to call you." 
He looked at me and he smiled a little crooked. 
"You had asked me to go to hell." he said honestly and he was right. "I didn't want to risk making you more angry than what you are." 
I frowned. 
"But Niall, I'm with Jamie now!" 
Niall disagreed. 
"I see at you that you don't love him. Jenny, your eyes say more than what your mouth is saying."
Okay, I just stared at him. Did he see it in my eyes? I didn't know if I should scream, cry or maybe just die on the spot. 
He was fast and he interrupted me. 
"If you say yes, I promise to get engaged with you and it's you I want to live my life with. You are the one who owns my heart and you are more a princess against what you believe." 
I groping in the dark. I didn't know if I should smile or not. He said the words that I had so often wanted to hear, but why? Could I really trust him? 
"And the fans?" 
He sneezed. 
"They'll get used to that the Irishman are going to bee busy with his love." 
I disagreed. 
"I will get hate from them?" 
He agreed. 
"But I promise to help you, to speak up and I promise to show them that you are so wonderful that you are worth more than me."

We had been together for a year when Niall took up the hatred for the first time. 
"I don't want to expose you to them!" he said back then. He meant that I would be more damaged and that our love wouldn't overcome anything. 
"So I'm weak?" 
Niall disagreed. 
"No, darling, but you're not ready." 
I had become angry. 
"And when am I ready?" 
"In the future!"


I felt like an idiot who didn't throw myself over him. But my experience made ​​me hesitate. 
"Niall you have promised things before?" I whispered. "How will I know that you are serious this time?" 
He looked at me, but he hesitated. How could he prove anything? 
"Trust me?" 
I hesitated. 
"I've trusted you before?" 
Niall sighed, and it was as if he hadn't got to that answer as he was looking for. 
"Jenny, if you break up with Jamie, and choose me and I'll prove it." 
I hesitated. I stood up and I walked away with the cup to the dishwasher. 
"He's honest with me and he's not ashamed of me."
I didn't react until I felt Niall pressing himself against my back. He hugged me from behind and I felt his fragrances surrounded me. I felt his gorgeous body against my back and I had to gasp. He smelled so good and I missed him so much.
"I promise!" he whispered lightly and he kissed me on the neck. "I love you and you love me. What more do we need?" 
I wanted to tear myself away from his arms, but I had no energy. 
"You said that two years ago?" 
His lips continued to explore my neck. I felt his tongue caressed my skin and I gave up hope to regain my sanity. 
"I love you." he muttered hoarsely, and he spun me around, so I had my face towards him. He kissed me and I responded to the kiss. I couldn't do anything and I didn't resist. His gorgeous lips against mine and I quickly took my arms around his neck. I felt he was taking over my body and I couldn't resist him.


Niall put me up on the kitchen counter. Quickly, he pulled down my panties and I didn't say no. Instead, I took my arms tighter around his neck, and our kiss became total. He pulled down his fly and quickly he penetrated. I gasped and I groaned. I couldn't care about reality. In the kitchen there was only us and I wanted him.


I took my legs around Nialls waist and I followed him in every movement. I realized how much I adored him. He was prefect in every way, and he took me as I wanted. I belonged to him and I loved him. Niall was moving faster and before he had time to reach the end, I came. I screamed and I gasped by just the feeling that he made ​​me whimper.


"I promise!" I whispered, and I felt his arms around my body. We were tired and we had given each other everything. 
"I know!" Niall mumbled. "Call me when you get home." 
I smiled at him and I let my hands slip through his gorgeous hair. 
Niall laughed a little bit and he blushed slightly. 
"This was the best sex I ever had." 
I grinning. 
"For me, too."

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