Stop playing with my feelings

2014 - I was the one who no one knew anything about. The fans had no idea that I exist and Niall kept me behind all the walls, to have me all to himself. Was this the life I wanted?


23. Finely

Now, of course, you wonder how my life become?


Yes, I got my prince and I got half the kingdom. I was pregnant and the fans slowly began to get accustomed to Jenny Horan. Maybe I wasn't loved by all, but I wasn't hated. There were those who still believed that I had taken Niall from their fandom, but neither I nor Niall dried to bother us about them.


It was Christmas Eve and Niall had made sure that both of our families celebrated Christmas in his house. We ate good food, and we talked about everything that happened in our lives. My mom had actually accepted that I had chosen a strange way in life. She realized that Niall and I hadn't planned much, but that we wanted each other.


It was late at that evening when I right as it was felt it cut into my stomach. I sat next to Niall and my dad on the sofa, and I froze. Everyone laughed and took no notice of me. It struck again and this time I realized that something was happening. By pure chance I caught my mom's attention, and when the pain didn't released she stood up. 
"I think you need to take Jenny to the hospital." she said to Niall and he looked at me. He become pale, but he understood. 
"How long have you been like that?" 
I swallowed. 
"I don't know. A while?" 
Niall panicked. He had once written a list, a checklist, of what would happen the day when it was time, but right now he seemed to have forgotten all that we had planned. 
"Take it easy!" said Maura quickly and she was looking up the list. "The bag!" she said instead, and Niall flew away from the couch. He ran up to the bedroom and picked up the suitcase, which was completed packed. 
"And then?" 
Maura smiled. 
"Call the hospital and tell them you are going there?"




Have you ever tried to shit out a football? It was about what happened. Middle of the night started the birth of my and Nialls child, and I screamed. Niall sat next to me, but he didn't know what he would do. I got nitrous oxide to inhale and I was more scared than sure over what would happen. 
"Take it easy!" the nurse said, and she smiled at me. "When you feel stomach ache you will, press, squeeze, and we'll make sure it goes well." 
I nodded and I held Nialls hand tightly. I just wanted to go home and forget about everything, but it was too late.


Niall was just more white on his face and he didn't seem to like that I was lying there, and pressed out a child. 
"How long will it take?" he asked. The doctor had come in and she laughed a little bit. 
"As long as it takes." she said quickly. "The child must be in the correct position and then Jenny just need to push out the head." 
Niall just stared at her and then it was as if everything just fell. He passed out and I heard it thumped to the floor. 
"He needs help!" I heard the doctor call out to the others on the staff. Personally dried I don't care about what had happened with Niall. If he wanted to faint, it was up to him. I had just hurt and I screamed in pain.


Niall came right back to the room when the baby slipped out of me. It felt like a relief when I felt the pressure ease and I felt the little body was released to the world. I was screaming and I cried at the same time.


"Congratulations, you have just become parents to a baby boy!"




I got a private room for me and the baby. Niall lay down beside me in the bed and the little fellow was on my chest. Nialls eyes were wide and he didn't seemed to understand that this really happened. 
"How handsome he is?" Niall whispered quietly, and I agreed. 
"He reminds me of you." 
He laughed a little bit and he let a finger slip over our son's cheek. 
"Like his father, but cute anyway?" 
I disagreed and I smiled at Niall. 
"No, you're pretty and I think that your son will be just as charming as you are."
Niall kissed me and he looked at me closely. 
"Sorry I passed out." 
I giggled a little bit. 
"It will be a good story to tell our kid in the future." I said amused. "I will often tell him that you just fell together on the floor." 
He blushed and he laughed a little bit. 
"Well, I may accept that story?" 
I agreed. 
"So what he will be called then?" 
Niall looked down at our son and he didn't actually come up with a name. 
"James, after me?" 
I nodded and I smiled at him. 
"If you want him to be called James, then he will be called that?" 
Niall kissed me and he was just happy. 
"Then he's James Horan?"




What started as an idol-worship ended with a family life. I was once a green young girl who loved Niall, just because he was famous. Today, I love him for all his qualities and he does everything for me. Still there are fans who don't believe in our love, but I just smile and leave them to their fate. Niall wont be with One Direction throughout his life and maybe one day we will be forgotten. One day maybe a fan will look back on the hate and smile. "Imagine that I hated Jenny, just because she got Niall?"










---------------The end---------------




The end is always the hardest to write, but if I had continued it would have just been a lot of silly words. I love when it ends as it should, and when you can smile and think, "How nice that it worked out?" 


Thanks to all readers and thank you for your wonderful comments. 
You are my best fans in the world and I will stay and write more stories on Movellas. I'm a typical girl who loves to make up stories.


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