One Direction Preferences

It's what the title says:) I might throw in some imagines and 5 Seconds of Summer, Justin Bieber or other, preferences here or their.


2. The Flowers he gives you on your first Date <3

The Flowers he gives you on your first Date <3

Zayn: Daisy 

Daisies are simple and perfect. Zayn thinks that this is the perfect way to symbolize your relationship.

Liam: Peonies

Pretty and flourishing. That's the way Liam describes you <3

Harry: Rose

The classic red, for the classic woman.

Niall: Dahlia

Blooming and bright. The accurate way to describe you.

Louis: Colorado

A unique color for a unique relationship.

Justin: Geranium

Suits your girly, dependent personality.

Calum: Baby blue eye flower

A soft color which suits you in different ways. Also, because its his favorite color.

Michael: Aster

He knows nothing about flowers but thought it matched his hair at the time.

Luke: Tulip

He thought you were like a Tulip, because your shy at first and then you open up.

Ashton: Gardenia

Very feminine. Just like you!


I don't really know what this is, but i hope you enjoy it. I did so much research for this. Its like the most research i've ever done! Jokes... :P Change the flowers if you don't like them and etc.

Love Ri-Ri

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