One Direction Preferences

It's what the title says:) I might throw in some imagines and 5 Seconds of Summer, Justin Bieber or other, preferences here or their.


1. Getting to Sleep

Harry- 'Harry it's hot!' you whine, throwing off the covers. 'How are you finding it hot?' he replies pulling the covers back up. 'I don't know but it's just hot!' you reply frustrated. 'Babe, calm down. I'll just turn the air con on,' he says calmly. After 5 minutes of the air con being on, another complaint is sent Harry's way. 'Harry, it's cold!' you say slightly shivering. He just sighs and pulls you close to him. You smile happily, the warmth of his body hitting you immediately and you snuggle closer to him. 'I love you Harry' you whisper. 'I love you to, (y/n)' he replies with a small smile.

Louis- 'Hey! (Y/n)! Are you awake?! Hey! (Y/n)!' Louis whispers poking you every few seconds. 'Now I am' you mumble still half asleep. 'I can't sleep and my head hurts. Can you please help me?' He asks pouting. You don't say anything you just get up, go to the kitchen, make some tea, give the tea to Lou and wait for him to finish. After he's done drinking you put the cup aside and bring Lou's head onto your lap, you then start to massage his forehead and within a couple of minutes he fell fast asleep.

Niall- Endless nights of Niall coming home late were forcing you to sleep on his side of the bed. You missed cuddling on the couch before heading to bed. You missed being awake when he would hold your body close. You missed everything and Niall could tell. You finally just had enough and wait for him to come back home. You lay awake for what seems like 10 hours but it really is only 10 minutes. You hear footsteps and sit up. The door opens and Niall walks in. You spring to your feet and attack him with hugs and kisses. He laughs and says, 'hey baby! Did you miss me?' You just nod happy to see him. He picks you up and carries you to bed. You both lay there cuddling until you fall asleep.

Zayn- You lie down and look at the wall, the sleep just not coming to you. You turn to the other side and study Zayn's amazayn face trying to decide if you should wake him up. After 2 mins of continuous staring Zayn mumbles, 'I know I'm immensely hot but you don't need to stare at me.' There was a giant smirk glued to his face. You blush and whisper, 'I was deciding if I should wake you up or not.' 'Can't sleep?' Zayn asks with a worried expression. 'Yup' you say with a sigh. 'Do you want me to tell you a story?' He asks. 'Yes please' you say feeling like a little girl again. Zayn tells you the story and by the time he is finished you are fast asleep, curled up against his chest.

Liam- You and Liam both get up and you grab your phone and head downstairs. You text Eleanor to check if she's awake and find out that she is. You tell her to come over with Louis since they can't sleep either. When they arrive you sit in the lounge room deciding on what to do. 'Lets dance!' El says. 'At 3am in the morning?' Louis says glumly. 'Yes! Let's do it' I say. 'Babe! You crazy!?' Liam asks you'. 'What? You got a better idea?' You reply. He doesn't reply. 'I take that as a no,' you say. You dance to 5 or 6 slow songs before you all collapse. Lou and El have fallen into a several hour coma and you and Liam snuggle together on the couch until you can't take it any more and pass out.

Authors note- Hi! So this was the first one plz comment and what not.:)


P.S sorry Lou's and Harry's was short:(

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