Moving into my World

Rachel is an 18 year old who is full of hopes and dreams. One minute her real life seems perfect and then the next it turns around. She starts writing in her diary (her own little world) about everything she wishes her life could be. Little did she know everything she wrote in her diary became her real life. Is it gonna be everything she could have imagined or will it be worse than reality.


2. The start of the Diary

Dear Diary..

I'm having the most horrible day in the entire world. First my boy friend of 3 years decides to break up with me just because I like One Direction. I don't even understand. He's in love with Miley Cyrus and calls her hot on a daily basis. Why can't I find Liam Payne hot? It's not like I'll ever get to meet him. I obviously loved my boyfriend before I even liked One Direction. Now I just found out my best friend in the entire world/sister is in the hospital because she got in a fight. Her brother didn't even tell me who she fought. Or if she's ok. He just said 'its bad'. That could mean anything. Ugh. I'm just going to pretend I live in my own world. A world where everything goes my way. Nothing bad can ever happen.


Since this is now my world, I can say whatever I want.


I am going to meet One Direction and tell Liam how much I love him. I am going to be able to stand up for myself more too. I'm not going to let anybody tell me how to live MY life. Nobody else can control me but myself. Only I will decide what is right and what is wrong for me.


Alright diary, I'm going to bed. Peace out.

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