Moving into my World

Rachel is an 18 year old who is full of hopes and dreams. One minute her real life seems perfect and then the next it turns around. She starts writing in her diary (her own little world) about everything she wishes her life could be. Little did she know everything she wrote in her diary became her real life. Is it gonna be everything she could have imagined or will it be worse than reality.


1. Getting to know Reality

Rachel was your average boy band fan girl. She stayed in her room a lot on her laptop on twitter on most days. She has just graduated high school a few months back and is trying to get used to life after school. Her family couldn't afford for her to go to college. Her parents both had jobs but they weren't the best paying. Rachel was in love with the famous boy band known as One Direction. She was a Liam girl. She didn't hate Harry at any means, however she believed everything the media made him out to be. She thought he was just another filthy rich guy who didn't care about anyone but himself. Back when she was still in high school she had everything. She had a family who loved her to the moon and back. She had a boyfriend named Tom. Her best friend Maya had her back through thick and thin. Maya and Rachel only had each other, everybody else hated the fact that they were always happy and thought that they were annoying. Maya loved One Direction as well. She loved Zayn.


Now that you know Rachel a little more now, lets get to where things start to fall apart on her.


One day Rachels boyfriend, Tom, asked her if she could go to the gym at their old high school. She of course told him yes. So she went and met him at there and he sees her and looks concerned.


"Rachel we need to talk" He says. "What?! I can't hear you yet." She yells running out of breath as she runs up to him. "Rachel..I think we need to break up." He says in a serious tone. "Wha..what? Why Tom I swear whatever it is we can work through it we always do whats wrong baby." She says almost starting to choke on the tears she's holding back. "Well..not this time. talk about that liam dude way too much. Almost like you love him more than your own boyfriend. Rachel..I'm sorry we're done." He says as he leaves her standing there crying on the ground.

Tom starts running and is now gone from her sight.


Rachel starts thinking of ways to make herself feel better. She calls up Maya but she doesn't answer. She doesn't think too much about that though. She runs home and ignores her parents asking her about her day in the kitchen. She runs up to her room and slams herself into her bed face down.


After hours of crying she pulls out her phone to see if Maya ever replied. She tries texting her a few times to see if she'll answer her then. Eventually Maya's brothers number pops up on Rachel's phone. She reads his text.


"Rachel its bad. Maya's in the hospital. She got in a fight."


Rachel, at that point, breaks down again and sees her diary.


"I'm so sad. I don't even know what to do. Why can't the real world be like the world in my dreams". She screams out.


And at that point..things begin to happen.


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