I'm With You Till The End of The Line..?

Not gonna say much..all marvel characters belong to the amazing Stan Lee! Main character (Avery) is mine! Thanks for reading


1. Waking Up

Darkness. That's the first thing I remember. There wasn't a single noise except my heart beat echoing in the place I am in.

The ground I lay on felt cold, felt like some sort of metal. I tried to move slightly, but nothing happened. The only thing that did happen was my eyes fluttered open revealing what I was in.

The walls were steel, floor was steel yet had vents on it, the only thing in my room that I saw was a window that showed another room and a kart that had a large clear bag of purple-blue liquid.

I attempt to sit up, only to feel every part of my body ache and throb. My head felt worse. In fact..it felt as if I'd lost my mind. I couldn't remember anything.

I slowly make my way to my feet and head to the window which was sort of a mirror, and look at what I looked like. I was in a black outfit. Black pants and a tank top. I turned around slightly to my side to see how thin or thick I was. That wasn't what I looked at, though. There was a rectangular box showing through my tank top. It was led by a long cord that was in the cart that had that fluid. It was soaking inside my back.

I was so confused at what was happening. The only thing I saw through the window was several desks that had a bunch of buttons and dials and stuff. There was a large picture on the black wall that had a red symbol on it. It was a skull that had tentacles come out from it, which was surrounded by a red circle. I knew exactly where I was. The HYDRA base in Germany.

Of course, they could be running some stupid ass experiment on me like they've done for the last 6 years..but not like this.

The box thing was completely sealed with my back, making it hurt just looking at it.

My memory began slowly coming back..but with bad thoughts. I remember how I got this box attached to me. They screwed it to my spine connecting it with two thin tubes. I wasn't under any anesthetics..it hurt like hell. More than hell.

I sit on the ground, expecting something to happen. But after what seems like forever, nothing has changed.

I cried. Tears streamed down my face like a rain storm. I was still confused and I wished that I had escaped when I had the chance. But if I did..I'd be dead. My head was still aching. My back was killing me. I was starving. I felt alone.

I hated my life at this point..I kept thinking to myself..

Someone please help me.

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