Rabbit and Fox

Just an experiment to see how to put stories up, this is the Trickster story I wrote in my last year of High school for class, in a unit about the literature of Indigenous people.


1. Chapter 1

    Once upon a time, Fox went out walking in the forest. It had been a long, cold winter and all of Rabbit’s favorite food had been buried under a heavy layer of snow.  As he walked, Fox’s nose began to twitch eagerly. He could faintly smell food on the wind, although Fox wasn’t sure quite what it was.

But he was hungry, so he kept moving in the direction of the mouthwatering smell.

 Upon reaching the smell, Fox discovered rabbit, bouncing in circles around the base of the biggest oak tree in the forest.  However, Rabbit noticed his approach and stopped her bouncing in order to great him.

“Hello Fox.” She greeted, tiny nose scrunched.  Fox looked around for a moment. He could faintly smell berries in the clearing, but Rabbit smelt even better to the starving Fox.

                “Hello Rabbit!” Fox greeted enthusiastically. Fox was often quite clever, and was hoping to convince rabbit to get out of the forest, and into Fox’s hole as his dinner. “Would you like to come to Dinner with me?”  He offered, almost drooling.  “ I have some berries and roots from the fall saved still, and they are tart and juicy just the way you like.”

What Fox did not know however, was that Rabbit was just as clever. She knew that Fox wasn’t just looking for company for dinner, but was actually looking for Dinner. So Rabbit smiled.

“Oh of Course Fox I would be delighted.” She replied, eagerly bouncing back and forth, a plan forming in the back of her mind. “But I would feel terrible if I did not bring something for you.” Rabbit continued. Fox smiled, thinking Rabbit did not know what he intended.

“Oh that’s quite fine.” Fox said companionably, eager to get something into his hungry stomach. “Oh.” Said Rabbit, ears drooping towards the ground. “But I found these delicious berries.” She explained, rolling several fresh looking berries towards Fox. Fox sniffed them eagerly. They did smell good.

“Are there more?” Fox asked, trying not to sound too eager. Perhaps lunch would be improved by a few berries. Fox ate two of the berries, enjoying the delicious taste.

“Oh yes!” Rabbit replied eagerly. “I know where the rest are. Let me go get them!” Then she hopped off, eager to teach Fox a lesson. Rabbit ran and ran, until she found the bush that had the berries that she had given to Fox on it, as well as seven small rocks. Mindful of the thorns, Rabbit collected several of the berries in her mouth, before crushing them. Rabbit carefully spread the mashed berries across the rocks until they looked just like the berries that she had given fox. Rabbit then carefully carried them back to Fox, feeling quite content.

Fox meanwhile, was pacing. He didn’t feel so good now, but Fox figured it was just because he was hungry after those berries.  Fox leapt to his feet as Rabbit returned.

“Excellent!” Fox cried. Rabbit resisted a smile.

“You should try some, so you don’t get hungry on the way to your burrow.” She suggested. Fox agreed, and ate all the rocks Rabbit had cleverly disguised. A few minutes later, Fox began to clutch his stomach in pain.  A few seconds later Fox’s legs collapsed underneath him.
                “Rabbit! Help please?” Fox cried. Rabbit shook her head and began to bounce past him.

“You tried to hurt me, despite never doing anything to you. You also ate what I gave you, despite not knowing what it is. Maybe in the future, you’ll think before you take food from a stranger.” 

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