Shadow Of Death

She was a danger to everyone around her. People who know her end dead.

There was always only one boy who managed to stay alive. Her best friend.

His name: Louis Tomlinson.


1. The Boy Who Lived

Death has always followed me. It creeped and clung onto me, holding on as though I were its best and only friend.

It started off slow. The pets I owned, the mean old neighbor's cat, the yapping dog, the big dog that attacked me.

Each animal was ripped to shreds, mauled by an unknown force.

It wasn't until middle school that people started dying. That mean girl who bullied me, the good-looking boy who asked me out, the popular jerk who stood me up. The list went on.

By high school, everybody stared clear of me, afraid of being the next victim.

But there was this one boy. The only boy who was never mean to me, who my parents actually liked. Maybe that's why he lived.

I considered him my best friend, but when everybody arounds you ends up dead, it's hard to get close to someone.

He listened to me babble and sob. He listened to my endless rambles and rants.

But most of all, my parents loved him. He was cute, funny, and smart. Polite and kind. It was hard to not like him.

And that's probably why he lived.

And his name was Louis Tomlinson, but you probably now know him as a member of One Direction.

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