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2. no way

I turned and looked at him I was crying he asked what's wrong he asked if I auditioned I said no I said jessica an her girls got an old video of me and sent it in I didn't want to audition now I have to go ash said I didn't have to but everybody knows and is counting on me my brother wouldn't even be here him and luke and cal and mikey are leaving me and james for awhile they are going on your with one direction it was the day for them to leave it was also the day of the competition our mom was coming along with the other boys moms but what they didn't know is me and 4 other boys had made a group and we were performing at one directions concert cause we are joining them on tour we are excited we were about to perform the boys wore skinny jeans and band tshirt a I wore a skater skirt and a pink crop top and my black knee high converse ash got me I put on light make up it was time for us to perform we were surprising the boys on there cover of teenage dirtbag when it was our turn everyone's mic and instruments got cut off we came out I saw ash and the boys and hugged them they were suprised ash knew I hated singing it was my turn I sing the ending I did and ash and luke stood by me

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