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3. forgotten

I was glad we were touring with my brother turns out 5 SOS is on our bus I was happy but it's only because there bus broke down so we were on our bus we are all in our bunks waiting for the show to end I was in by bunk I am the only one on the top cause the boys are scared I falling I told them they are crazy but the show ended ash and the boys came over mikey is on one directions bus cause they had extra bunk they asked who's bunk was who's I said mine is the tops there's are the bottom 4 they asked how I get up to my bunk I showed them I impressed them I got back down the boys asked what we usually do we said play FIFA and other games they looked shocked we played games for hours I said I am going I bed me and ash shared a bunk he said okay sis I layed down in my bunk I heard ash say he is going to bed he came up and layed down he asked if I was okay I said yeah I am fine I get to tour with my brother he pulled me close to his chest he said get some sleep I did when I woke up the boys were all asleep I got up and went and sat down on the couch I fell asleep I felt like I got picked up but I wasn't I was laid down on the couch but somebody was next to me it was luke I said hi lukey he said did I wake you I said no I need to get up and get ready anyway he said okay I walked tithe bunk and got some clothes and changed I went with skinny jeans a crop top and converse I sat back down next to luke and cal woke up and sat with us I laid my head in Luke's shoulder he said are you tired I said no he said okay he said how have you been since we left I said I am goo I'm even better I said I get to tour with my brother cal pal and lukey and your friends and mikey I said I'm fine we went on your for about 1 month it is Time to leave me and ash got to the airport at home we drive home we got home I forgot we live alone cause we move out I went to my room my room had been destroyed I walked neary closet and opened it someone grabbed me I screamed ash came in it was our dad ash grabbed our dad and threw him out ash came to me I was crying he hugged me he picks me up and put me on my bed I said what happens if he comes back ash pulle me close an said he won't ash said go change we will watch a movie in my room you can sleep there tonight if you want I said okay I went to my dresser and pulled out sweatpants and a tshirt that said awesome on it ash invited the boys we'll luke and cal they came over and came up to ashs room and have me hugs I said thanks I said I will be right back ash he said okay I went to my room I grabbed my phone from my charger I saw a notification on twitter somebody had posted a video if me singing it was all hate everybody said die you can't sing I grabbed my jacket from my closet I ran down the hall passed ashs room I heard the boys ask I everything b is okay I kept running I was crying I ran outside and ran down the street I heard ash an luke and cal behind me they caught up to me and grabbed my arm they said Hannah what's wrong I showed them the message from there fans they hugged me and said do to listen to them okay I said okay them said let's go home you can take a shower the. Put warm clothes on okay I sai okay

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