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4. forgiven

We got home I put on a pair of sweatpants and a sweater and I walked to ashs room cause luke and cal love with is mikey is actually living with the one direction boys I walked in ash room and sat down next to luke and ash cal was laying at our feet cal fell asleep I put my head on ashs shoulder he asked if I was tired I said yes but I don't want to wake up cal and luke he said it's fine I could sleep In his bed I said okay thanks ash he laid me down and kissed my forehead I fell asleep and so did ash cal rolled of the foot I the bed he made a thump and scared us he got up and said I'm going to my bed I sai I'll come with you he said okay I got up so I didn't wake up luke and ash we walked out of ashs room and we went to calls room and layed down he asked if I wanted to sleep in there I said yeah if it's okay with you he said it's fine

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