Ghosts || l.p

Have you ever wanted to float?
To have nothing holding you down?
To feel the wind in your hair and your soul being lifted on the highest pedestal.
Well I don't, why?
Because, I've simply floated so high that nothing, not even the love of those i cared for can reach me. I've reached a lonely and dark pedestal that i can't really come down from. Well that's until she came.

© Copyright Lxnley 2014. All rights reserved.


1. Prologue

1 Year ago...

" We are devastated to announce that the kindred spirit that walked our very own Wolverhampton streets, Liam Payne passed away yesterday.

When he was shot three times in his chest after passing by a dangerous part of town and was mobbed of his money and clothes leaving him bare on the cold winter floor. " the news reporter announced causing tears to flood the 32 year old woman's eyes.

" My son! " she cried out clutching her husbands crisp ironed buttoned up shirt. Her tears staining it and her hand wrinkling the fabric.

The man eyes bounced out of his sockets small tears trailed from his eyes onto his cheek as he tried to act strong for his devastated family, when he himself was on the verge of a break down.

" It seems that the poor lad was on his way back from his job at a local bar  Drunken Maidens  when he was cornered by the dangerous gang  Local Bandits the police has identified the first attack ant which seems to be the leader of the local rapscallions Harry Styles and the other two still haven't been identified but witness claim that it might have been his known best friends Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik. The police is putting an arrest warrant on the troublesome trio and if you see or have any sort of contact with them notify the WPD immediately. "

The little twins who's hairs was in pigtails and their favourite barbie doll in their hands looked at there broken parents eyes laced in confusion? The one oldest by a minute and dressed in a floral dress with black knee socks crawled upon there couch and asked her parents innocently " Mama, Papa why is Li Li on the news? " she stared at them awaiting an answer but none came before her mother or father could try to speak they both chocked out a sob causing the little girls to worry even more.

" Li Li is coming home right? " the other little girl asked dressed in a overlaying little squares and white knee socks asked. 

" H-He won't be c-coming home for a-a while " the shattered mother sobbed to her children who's lips were formed into pouts " Why? Did something happen? Is Li Li alright? " the little girls questioned. At this point the parents couldn't take more of there harmless and innocent interrogation for it was pulling such a heart breaking toll on them that it made it harder from them to keep in there sobs.

It wasn't long enough till the little 5 year old twins slowly began to realize what was going on and then at their own turn turned into snivelling messes and that lonesome night the previously cheerful and loving family turned into a sorrowful and mute house hold.



Anna Sophia Robb as Alaska Green

Giselle Miller as Chloe Bridges

Liam Payne as Liam Payne

Harry Styles as Harry Styles

Niall Horan as Niall Horan

Zayn Malik as Zayn Malik

Louis Tomlinson as Louis Tomlinson


" The two were the unlucky, born with tragedy in their veins and fire in their hearts "




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