Ghosts || l.p

Have you ever wanted to float?
To have nothing holding you down?
To feel the wind in your hair and your soul being lifted on the highest pedestal.
Well I don't, why?
Because, I've simply floated so high that nothing, not even the love of those i cared for can reach me. I've reached a lonely and dark pedestal that i can't really come down from. Well that's until she came.

© Copyright Lxnley 2014. All rights reserved.


2. Chapter 1

1 year ago...

Alaska Green's Story

She sat at the highly sophisticated office, a glass wall exposing the beauty of the cottage like theme of her home town. A small smile spread across her chapped pink lips as a hand moved towards her vivacious red hair pulling it from her face slightly. She was meeting with him, again. The reason she isn't one of those girls you see on the street walking in skimpy clothes, the reason she isn't on the news proclaimed missing or dead but was here. Doing the only thing she could do to survive this brutal world.

She stared at her phone as she tapped her red converses against the rich dark brown wood that decorated the floor, when the door swung open revealing him in all his glory. Dressed in a tight fitted white shirt the first two buttons un-buttoned exposing quite a bit of chest but not too much, tight black jeans that shaped his long and slender legs perfectly. His bed hair making him look even more sexier as he was oozing sexual pheromones. His clouding scent of cigarettes , mints and bleu channel making him irresistible and to add it all he had this dominant aura, one commanding respect .

He was Harry Styles, the son and successor of the Styles Enterprise. A lavish life style of many  bowing at his feet and doing his every whim, he was royalty in the business world, a tyrant who ruled his employees with an iron fist and yet he does what he does. Killing, Drugs, Sex and Gangs he has enough money to last him two generations yet he devotes his time to being an outlaw. Harry Styles was one of the worlds greatest mysteries, he was intriguing and compelling everything about him made you stop and stare, doing double takes and taking pictures. Everyone knew this the things he does ,the people he kills yet they don't try to stop him. He own most of the condos, business big or small, and seventy- five percent of the WPD. But even at that people especially in the WPD want him arrested and put in jail for his crimes, even after they pour their hearts out on the news or put him in head lines as an attribute for another death. Justice isn't served, it is bought and only the wealthy can buy freedom.

I stared at him as he rubbed his eyes gently his face dressed in fatigue, black under eyes contrasting with his milky skin. " Is this not a good time? " i asked worryingly standing up from the chair hoping I wasn't encountering a Harry i wouldn't know how to deal with. There were four types of Harry's.

Business Harry, who didn't care about anything but the future of his fathers blood and industrious company and how the sales where going.

Normal Harry, Who acted like his normal self quiet and mysterious but fun to hang around with, making lame jokes and casually flirting.

Horny Harry, Who acted dominant and wanted things done a certain way to please him, punishing those who disrespect his orders.

Killer Harry, Who was brusque and violent not listening to reasoning and had no emotions what so ever only thing clouding his thoughts was the blood shed going to happen.

He spun his head around, a good 180 degrees. His forest green irises staring at me his eyebrows furrowing for a minute when out of no where his eyebrows jolted back up in recollection. " Oh no its not sit down " he ushered her. She stared at him sceptically as she slowly took a seat. " What did you call me here for? " She asked staring at him her eyebrow raised. " I got a letter from the funeral home. It seems that your mother left you something before her passing. " he said handing me the letter " Don't worry we didn't read it " he reassured as he saw her discomfort. She nodded her head  hesitantly taking the paper from his thin slender fingers, examining it suspiciously " Passing more like murdered by your men " she mumbled softly enough for him to hear making him slam his fists against the rich cherrywood table " Your still mad about that!? I told you it wasn't my fault! " he yelled making her glare at him " IT IS YOUR FAULT BECAUSE YOU COULDN'T CONTROL YOUR  FUCKING MEN! " she spat venomously raising herself from the table.

He sighed, exasperated " I don't want to pick a fight with you Alaska so just sit down and lets forget about this. " This comment had sent her onto a new level of rage. She stared at him wide eyed and without any hesitation slapped him across the face, tears brimming her shades of blue. She quickly turned around and ran out of the office not taking a second look. Fuck him, he is such an insensitive bastard she thought running towards the elevator, clicking the down button frantically as she could hear his foot steps becoming more and more audible. Quickly as the metal doors opened she jumped in and pressed the closing button, sending the doors shut leaving him having to wait for the next elevator. She rested against the metal walls her breathing become more and more steady as time passed. She let out a choked sob before leaning down against the metal running a hand through her hair tears falling from her eyes to her dark char coloured jeans.

Suddenly the metal doors opened up making her head flick upwards her gaze locked on the male that infiltrated the elevators. He was lean, tall and muscular. Broad shoulders and a small beard decorating his sun-kissed chin. Plump pink lips that looked oh so kissable and a puppy like face. Chocolate eyes that anyone would love to get lost in,he was the ideal representation of a model. She blinked a few times making sure she wasn't hallucinating, even tried pinching herself guessing maybe she had fallen asleep on the elevator, but no. It was all too real, He was all to real. " Are you okay? " the stranger asked leaning over a hand extended out. She was so immersed in his eyes that she hadn't even notice he was right in front of her. " Hello? " he asked again his voice decorated with the sweetest of honeys. She finally stepped out of her engrossed gaze as she answered him " O-Oh yea. Im fine " she said gripping the bars of the elevator walls and hoisting herself upwards. He stared at her his eyebrows raised but decided not to pry into someone else's business and left her alone. 

It wasn't long till and awkward silence surrounded the two and like they had both prayed silently the doors opened again revealing the main floor. Without hesitation they both bolted out heading towards the exit, She had walked in the left direction while he on the right, and in that moment none of them would have thought that this encounter could change everything and bring them closer than anyone ever expected.

She took the quickest and earliest train to the manor her, Harry, Louis and Zayn shared outside of town. She knew the moment she stepped into the house she would be interrogated by Louis, Scolded by Zayn and Punished by Harry, she also knew she wasn't out of line for slapping Harry and was going to defend herself. She sat on the navy blue bus chair her eyes gazing around the scenery as she got farther and farther away from the city, She slipped in her earbuds and decided to drown herself in the only thing worth drowning in besides alcohol. She fluttered her eyes closed as Count The Saints by Foxes engulfed her ears as profound memories of melancholy and nostalgia littered her mind causing small tears to prick at the corners of her shut eyes.

It didn't take long to reach the last train stop and when she finally hopped down the metal steps of the train and began walking across the street to the forest did her phone begin to ring. She slipped her hand into her pockets bringing the black smartphone from her pocket, she stared at the phone and eyebrow raised. Unknown Caller?  Her thumb grazed over the answer button sceptically, Should she? she thought staring at the unknown caller. It wasn't long till curiosity got the best of her and she had finally clicked the answer button a robotic voice resonated through the speakers " They're coming for you to get to him. Run while you can " was all it said before the line went dead. She rolled her eyes Dumb pranksters she thought, but she could't ignore the ominous feeling growing in her gut as she continued walking deeper into the forest. 

She could finally see the Manor's Light when suddenly a cloth wrapped itself around her mouth and nose, She struggled the best she could kicking and screaming trying her best to wriggle out of the attackers grasp but they were to strong. It wasn't a lengthy period of time before the chloroform from the cloth began kicking in leaving her numb and  unconscious the last thing she saw before her eyes fluttered closed were icy blue irises and the note falling from her pockets. I guess I should have listened she whispered quietly before darkness took over her frail body.




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