I'm the most wanted girl in the world. I've killed 543 people. I've robbed many stores and people. I've hurt my family. I travel alone. It's obvious that I hurt and kill. Now I have somebody trying to go up against me. I'm going to find the fool that is trying to compete with me, and I'm going to kill him. Hopefully the fool isn't a jackass.


1. All about Me

I'm Dark. That's my name. They call me that cause I come out of the shadows, and nobody sees it coming. And I wear a lot of black. That's been my name since I was 12. I'm 20 now. I've killed many people. But I never will hurt an animal though. Don't ask. Anyways I'm from Paris, France. I speak English though. I had abusive parents. In 2008, (When I was 14) I murdered my parents. With a knife. I stabbed them 15 times each. It wasn't easy getting away the first time, but over the years I figured out how to get away. It's easy, but a little tricky at times. I rob people. I've been all around the world. I have my own jet. I got it from a really rich guy in 2012. Nobody has ever made me think twice about something. I live on my own. The weapons I carry around are 1 rifle, 3 hand guns, and 5 knifes. Yes I have a bag. A black book bag to be exact. I only wear black, maybe red or white sometimes. That's me I'm happy to share with you.

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