Superwolf! Crossover (Supernatural/Teen Wolf)


1. The Winchesters

Scott was running down the road trying to run as fast as he can. The soles of his shoes smacking the pavement repeatedly. He hears the engine of a car behind him. Shit! he thought, Is it still them! Scott looks over his shoulder to see the same black Chevy Impala that was following him earlier. What the hell do they want with me? The car catches up behind him and is now only five inches away from him. Shit! Scott picked up his pace and sprinted as fast as he could. I've gotta get away. I gotta find Stiles. The car speeds up and was close to running him over. Of course, he panicked a bit but he's gotta stay focus and keep running. Scott inhaled a deep breath, catching Stiles scent, and he made a sharp turn into the deep woods. They won't be able to drive through here. He began to slow down once he heard tires screeching. He stopped running for a few seconds to catch his breath until he heard a gun cock and a door slam. Scott looks behind him and sees that the two guys had parked their car on the side of the road. They're now following him on foot and this time they're armed. Scott started running again, avoiding every obstacle in his path. He jumps into the air, spreads out his arms and legs, and start running on all fours. It was the only way he can travel any faster. He ran through the woods, feeling the cool soft dirt under his hands and the sound of the wind whistling past him. He inhaled deeply again and turned right around a tree. He kept running further and further and turned his head to see if they were still on his trail. SMACK! Scott's face met a human leg. Scott skids back and stares at the man. He ran into a man in a trenchcoat which he has never seen before, and he just happens to be in the woods at this time. Scott falls on his back and stares at the man he ran into. He had dark hair combed to the side and sad looking blue eyes. The man then reaches into a pocket in his trenchcoat while keeping his gaze locked on Scott. He mumbled as his hands searched his pockets and turned around slowly to see if he dropped whatever he's looking for. He checked his pockets again and was staring at the ground. THUNK! The man suddenly stopped rummaging through his pockets and slowly tipped over, falling to the ground. Scott heard a little chuckle and noticed Stiles behind the poor guy; gripping his baseball bat tightly with a huge grin on his face. "Why did you do that?" Scott asked as Stiles walks up to him shrugging, "You were taking too long." Stiles says as he drops the bat onto the ground; the sound of metal hitting rock sounded around them. Stiles just stood there and sighs "Anyways let's go." he pointed to the direction where he had parked his Jeep Wrangler. "Hold it you two!" called out a deep rusty voice in the shadows. Stiles cursed under his breath while he rose his hands slowly and looked at the man who just shouted. Scott stared at the guy who was out cold on the ground then at Stiles. We're in deep trouble! Scott slowly turned his head towards the voice and sees the man who was just following him earlier he was wearing a leather jacket and had a gun fixed on them, and he was accompanied by another man. This guy was definitely taller. He had wide shoulder and shoulder length hair. Compared to the other guy he looked humongous, but he did seem to be a gentle giant. The tall guy shows Stiles the badge and says, "I'm Agent Ford and this is my partner Agent Hamill." Stiles grabbed the badge and stares at it "We are FBI-" "Really?" Stiles said as he stares at the badge with a crooked smile on his face, "These are fake!" he tosses the badge back at the tall guy. The guy in the trenchcoat gets up from the floor and walks to the men. "Plus, why Star Wars?" "What? Stiles, are you all right?" Scott directed to Stiles in a concerning voice. Stiles waved him off and pointed at the tall guy "Harrison Ford," he then points at the shorter guy with short hair "Mark Hamill, and" he points at the guy in the trenchcoat "Let me guess, Carrie Fischer." The man in the trenchcoat had a confused expression on his face. "All right, you're a smart kid." said the tall one as he slipped his badge away. "I'm Sam," he points at the shorter guy "that's Dean, and-" he points to the guy in the trenchcoat "that's Castiel." "Castiel?" Stiles repeated. "What type of name is that?" he reached over to help Scott off the ground and he winked at him. "Alright let's skip the names!" Dean said, gun pointed at Stiles. "Fine, how about we start with us running away." Stiles grabbed Scott and they ran further into the woods. Bullets flew past them, some even hitting the trees. Scott guided Stiles through the woods and froze when he smelled a peculiar odor. "Dude, why the hell are you stopping! We got Han Solo back there trying to kill us!" Stiles yelled. Scott stood firm looking around and then appeared Castiel right in front of them. Before they could react, he rose his hands over their heads and the palms of his hands were glowing a white color. BLACKOUT! . . . Stiles wakes up to see that he's in a car and his hands were handcuffed. His vision was a bit blurry, yet he was able to make out some figures. He noticed Scott was sitting right next to him handcuffed. His head was hanging low as if he were asleep. Stiles looked in front of him and saw Dean driving the car and his brother Sam in the passengers seat. They weren't talking, just watching the road. "What the hell do you want with us?" Stiles asks. Stiles stared at Sam as he turned to face him. "We just have a few questions." he replied. Dean turned on the radio and some rock song blared through the speakers. "No need to be talking now! Save the chatting for later, girls" Dean said followed by a chuckle. . . . . Scott slowly rose his head and winced as he looked around. Sam opened the car door and gestured Scott to hop out. "Where the hell are we?!" shouted Stiles on the other side of the car with Dean. "Just shut your mouth!" Dean replied as he guided Stiles into a vacant dilapidated building. Dean sat Stiles down and sat down in front of him as Sam did the same with Scott, after they cuffed them to the chairs. Scott and Stiles stared at each other then turned to the two men. Dean kept his eyes locked on Stiles and asked "What do you know about the murders here in Beacon Hills?" "Nothing." Stiles answered. "Really?" Dean said "Then why did you run away?" he rose his brow and stared at Stiles. "Dude, I don't know about you when you were younger, but if two guys try to kill you and they have fake FBI badges, do you think we'll be chill about it?" Stiles rose his brow and glared at Dean. "Well, you obviously know something!" "I don't!" Stiles yelled. "Then please explained how we found your friend here at the site of the murder?" "I don't know! Since you're so sure that you know what we're doing, why don't you explain it to us?" Dean stood up and circled around Stiles and lowered to his ear. "You know something alright!" he grinned and stared at Sam "Don't make us force it out of you." Stiles jerked his head to the right, "What you going to do, torture us?" Stiles smirked. Dean reached for his pocket and pulled out a rolled up cloth and he turned to Scott. "Are you going to answer any questions?" Scott stared at Stiles who was shaking his head telling him to say nothing. "No." Scott said nervously. Dean unwrapped the cloth and in it was a bag full of powdered wolfsbane. Stiles stared at Dean as if he was crazy then gave a worried look to Scott. Scott stared at the bag and turned his head slowly to the other direction. Dean walked up to Stiles and showed him the bag and smiled in his face. "This place is surrounded by mountain ash and we have wolfsbane filled bullets!" Stiles laughed in his face "Try me!" Dean grabbed some of the powdered wolfsbane from the bag and rose his brow, staring at Stiles. "All right then!" he poured some of the powder on Stiles' arm. Nothing. Dean shot a look at Sam. "I thought you said they were werewolves?" Dean yelled. Stiles laughs. "Stop laughing" Dean yelled "Wait?" he said as he slowly turned to Scott. Stiles suddenly stopped laughing and the room grew silent. Dean walks up to Scott who was trying not to focus on Dean. "You know?" Dean says "You were pretty fast back there on the road." Sam folded his arms and watched Dean.
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