Superwolf! Crossover (Supernatural/Teen Wolf)


2. A Kanima?

Scott rose his head a bit and stared at Dean, head still lowered. Dean stares at Stiles "You know," he scoffs "you're pretty smart." he pointed at Stiles "Covering it up. Covering it up for your friend." He then stared at Scott "Now, are you going to tell me something." Scott just stared at Dean and squirmed a bit in the chair. "What can you tell me?" Dean said as he squatted in front of Scott. Scott's gaze followed him and he didn't reply. "All right then," Dean said as he opened the bag of wolfsbane and picks up a handful "let's see if you'll talk now, Wolf boy." Dean blew some of the wolfsbane at Scott. Scott howled (For those of you who don't know, in teen wolf when the werewolves howl it sound like a roar of a lion or gorilla. so don't think of a wolf howl) in pain as his eyes glowed a vibrant red and his fangs shot out. Dean backed up a bit and stood up. Scott began to pant with his head hanging low and the muscles in his neck bulging. "Why were you at the site?!" Dean yelled. Scott continued panting and growled a bit. "I-I" he paused. Sam pulled Dean back by his shoulder. Dean glared at him but Sam ave him a look that meant You're taking it too far. Sam got closer to Scott and asked "What happened?" "I-I thought I heard something." Scott said as he gasped for air. Dean and Sam exchanged looks. "What did you hear?" Sam questioned. "I thought I heard a cry for help and a loud hiss'" Scott paused as he panted "and the smell was familiar." "What do you think it was?" Sam asked eyes fixed on Scott. "A kanima." Scott looked up with his eyebrows raised and everyone's eyes widened. . . . . "A kanima?!" Dean yelled "Isn't that a jaguar-shaped spirit that killed people. A mythical creature from South America?!" "Not really." Stiles intervened "More like a reptilian creature with a long tail and venomous claws." "How do you know this?" Sam stared at Stiles looking for an answer. "We've dealt with one before." Stiles said as he wiggled his arms in the cuffs. "Could this be the same" Dean paused and his voice slurred a bit "kanima you guys dealt with." "No," Scott shook his head "the last kanima we faced turned into a werewolf and now lives in London." "A kanima can turn into a werewolf?" Sam questions Scott. Scott nods at him. "So, you guys saved him?" Dean said raising his eyebrows. "No," Stiles intervened again "we sat down with him and had little tea party." "Are you guys on crack?" Dean asked. "Well, I wish I was at the moment." Stiles chuckled. "Do you know how to kill it?" Sam turned to Dean then back at Scott. "Not really," Scott said "we turned the guy into a werewolf, like I said." "So, we can kill it." Dean intervened and grinned. "How do we do it?" "Uhh, I don't think so!" Stiles yelled "You expect us to actually help you. After you threaten us and cuff us to chairs. You gotta take these off, then well help you out." "Why should we trust you?!" Dean shouted at Stiles. "We have a pack, a yoda, and my father's the sheriff." Stiles gave Dean a look that meant you don't have a choice but to remove these cuffs. . . . . "Really Sam!" Dean was talking to his brother away from Stiles and Scott. "You're gonna team up with them! The kid is a werewolf, he's a monster! And what do we do with monsters, WE KILL THEM!" "I never killed anyone though." Scott quickly interjected. "Do you think I care that you never killed a soul!" Dean turned back to Sam. Stiles muttered under his breath "Heartless." and scoffed. "Dean!" Sam got Dean's attention. "We need there help! They know a lot more about this thing then we do!" "We don't need them! We can just shoot the thing as many times as we can and see what happens." Dean defended his thoughts. "It can heal like I do." Scott intervened. "You see, we do need them." Sam walked past Dean towards Scott and removed the cuffs. Dean walked up to Scott and said "This is the fist and last time you're off the hook. Now, what can you tell me?" "Uh... guys, I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm still cuffed here!" Stiles shouted and gave a little side smile. "Can it Butterball!" Dean shouted. Sam gave Dean a look and walked over to Stiles and uncuffed him from the chair. "Thank you!" Stiles said to Sam as he rose and stretched his arms. "Dean faced Scott and said "Help us." Scott nodded. Castiel popped up in front of Stiles which startled him "How the hell did you just do that!" Stile just watched as Castiel completely ignores his question and walks up to Dean. Sam lowered his head to Stiles and said "He's an angel." Stiles jumped "AN ANGEL!?" Everyone stares at Stiles "THAT'S FRICKING AWESOME!" Castiel gave Stiles a confused look and turned back to Dean. "Dean," Castiel says and pauses. Dean waits for Castiel to continue but he doesn't. "Yes Cass!" Dean said motioning Castiel to continue talking. "I saw the creature! It wasn't human and looked like a giant iguana." Cass gives Dean a concerning look "What are we dealing with?" "A kanima." Scott intervened. Cass just stared into space, deep in thought and lowered his head. "Well," Cass continued "I saw it heading to the sheriff's Station and" We heard a squeal and turned to see Stiles frozen with fear. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" Dean asked. "My father!" Stiles ran out the door on his own. "STILES!" Scott called out to him "Wait!" Scott was going to catch up to him but Dean grabbed his shoulder. "We'll catch up to him by car." . . . "Stiles!" Scott shouted as Dean slowly pulled up to the side of the road. Stiles turned around and saw Scott I the backseat waving for him to get in. He runs up to the car as Scott opens the door and he slides in, breathing heavily. Dean started the engine and stared at Stiles through the rear view mirror "Where's the sheriff's station?" He asked. "Just a few miles up, take a left." Stiles clenched his fists on his laps and hoped his father would be okay. His father was the only person left he had that was family. He looked out the window as Dean took a left. Sam turned to Stiles and said "He's going to be all right. I promise you." Stiles shook his head and whispered to himself "You don't know what happens in this town" Dean pulled up into the parking lot. Before stepping out he turns to Scott and Stiles and asks "Anything important that we should know about this thing, before we go in there and become kanima meat." Scott said "This thing is fast and watch out for it's claws." "One scratch and you'll be paralyzed." Stiles finished. "Any ideas how to kill it?" Dean asked. "We'll just make sure the sheriff is fine and then we'll figure that part out in a while." Scott said as he hopped out of the car. "I don't like this at all." Dean let out a deep breath. "Welcome to the Human Club." Stiles said to Dean as he hopped out. "You just always feel like you're about to die." Stiles walked with Scott to the East entrance. "I feel bad for the kid." Sam says as he cocks his gun. "Let's just kill this thing a and discuss our feelings later." Dean said as he pulls out a dagger from his pocket. . . . Scott and Stiles were walking down the hall and Scott froze for a few seconds. "Stiles," Stiles turns to Scott "This doesn't feel right." Scott finished. "What doesn't feel right? Stiles says as he continues walking down the hall. The entire building was empty, probably because Sheriff Stilinski was the only one working late tonight. "The whole kanima thing." Scott followed Stiles down the hall "We turned Jackson and Matt's dead. How can there be another kanima? I mean know one else was bitten." Stiles stuck his head into an open room and turned to Scott. "Maybe Derek has something to do with it. He's always doing stuff behind our backs. You never know what's going through his sick head." "But Derek's not an alpha," Scott interjected "He can't turn people." "Maybe you're just think over this a bit too hard." Stiles stood in front of a door and pointed at it "Are we done talking about it, my father's in here." Scott nodded his head as Stiles slowly opened the door. The room was pitch black and the room was silent. Stiles stuck his arm in and reached for the switch and flipped the lights on. There was Stiles' father staring at us with wide eyes. The kanima was right behind him covering his mouth with its tail. "Dad," Stiles said as he took a step closer "we're going to help you." as he took another step forward the kanima hissed and tightened its grip on Sheriff Stilinski. Sheriff Stilinski groaned in pain, face turning red. Stiles stopped and rose his hands in surrender. Scott walked up to Stiles and the kanima hissed again, but this time scratched the back of Sheriff Stilinski's neck. "No!" Stiles yelled as he ran to his father. The kanima jumped off the desk and nicked Stiles on the back of his neck as it landed on the floor in front of Scott. Stiles fell to the ground after he lost complete feelings in both legs. The kanima sat there in front of Scott and seemed to be studying him. Scott backed up slowly as he rolled his head around his neck as he began his transformation. He could feel the hair growing out the sides of his face, his fangs growing long, his nails turning into claws, and his glowing a bright red. He stared at the kanima as he growled (again gorilla roar) and ran up to it. Attacking it with his claws.
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