Fear of the Dark, Fear of the Dark

"Monsters can be little specks of insanity in our brains, we are all monsters, darling, and we are insane." Laine Richards is a nurse that works at the infamous Mental Asylum, Burrington Manor Mental Institution for the Criminally Insane. On September 29, 1956, a new patient, Zayn Malik, is admitted to the Institution. Laine can't help but to find the new patient attractive, but also dark, intimidating, and arrogant. What will happen when she and this mental patient start to bond? Will everything work out fine for Laine and Zayn or will everything come tumbling down?


9. 9

        Fear of the Dark, Fear of the Dark






                      I look around the dimly lit hallway, holding my glare away from the staircase where I feel the man's eerie gaze on my back. Where is Ms. Narciss when we need her most?

                     "Everyone! Please stay calm! We are trying to get the lights back on, but until then, please sit down." I hear the unmistakable demanding voice of Kate Mackensie echo off he walls, stopping me in my observation of the room. Shuffling and hushed whispers sound through my ears, indicating that the people have listened, something most visitors don't have the audacity to do. I glance over at Kate, trying to read her expression in the dimly lit room, but with no luck, I turn my head towards the staircase, seeing the outline of a man leaning against the black banister. I take a deep breathe, trying to talk myself into walking up the old, black and rusty steps.

                      Acting on feeling, I walk up the stairs, trying to get my erratic breathing under control. As I reach the top of the stairs, the man moves towards me, and only then is it I feel the eldritch gaze that has been watching me for the past weeks I had taken up the job of supervising the patients. The familiar eyes continue to burn a hole in my side, making me feel anxious and cause my breathing to almost stop.

                     "W-What are you d-doing out of your c-cell, Cody?" I ask him, stopping about a two feet away from the sickening man, not wanting him to touch me.

                      A menacing laugh erupts from the schizophrenic man, "I thought I'd come find you so we could have some fun."

                     I gulp, "C-Cody. . ." I trail off as he strides towards me, grabbing my waist and pulling me towards his chest. And this how I end up being violated by Cody Tharlenson. I think to myself, putting my hands up and placing them on his chest and try to push him off, but fail when he doesn't even move.

                    "Let's have some fun, Laine." Cody says, grabbing my hips and pushing me towards the wall next to the staircase, were we are out of everybody's sight. My back hits the wall roughly, and I hiss in pain, only to be silenced by a stone-hard and sweaty hand slapping against my mouth, leaving the area around my lips sizzling in pain by the roughness of the smack that was delivered to my face.

                   "So pretty. . ." He mumbles, running his hand up my leg, giving me a nauseating feeling. As his hands roam my body, one hand rubbing up my left thigh and the other pinning my arms above my head, I begin to scream, happy that his hand is off my mouth. The hand rubbing my left thigh comes to a halt, leaving it's place underneath my dress and striking against my cheek. His left hand that is enclosed around my hands pinned above my head tightens, no doubt leaving bruises in it's wake.

                   "Don't scream." Cody mutters, placing his right hand back on my thigh. Tears spring my eyes, and I blink rapidly, not wanting to cry in front of my attacker and show how weak I am. I won't give Cody the satisfaction of seeing the tears roll down my cheeks.

                   "Please stop, Cody." I plead, causing my assaulter to laugh obnoxiously. I close my eyes tight. not wanting to hear his taunting laughter, when I feel his hands disappear from my body, and I fall forward a little from the pressure being lifted away. I look around, trying to see who knocked the vicious man off my body, sighing when I can't see anything. Suddenly, lights flash in my direction, and I see guards running towards me, their lanterns shaking violently, stimulating the dancing shadows on the walls.

                  "There he is!" One guard I recognize as Brian, Cody's guard, yell to the other officials. They near me, shining their lights at Cody's body, and then I see who saved me. His golden eyes shine in the luminosity, as he puts his hand up to shield the blinding illumination from his eyes. His raven black hair seems greasy, meaning he hasn't washed it in a while. His faded blue jumpsuit is all wrinkled up and is ripped at the shoulder. How could his whole demeanor alter since I'd last seen him?  

                   "Are you alright, Ms. Richards?" An official asks me, running up to me and steading me with his hands. I feel as though I'm going to faint, and my face must be white as a sheet since all the blood has drained from my face.

                   "Laine?" The guard asks again, shaking my body slightly. "Are you okay, Miss?"

                  "What? Oh, um. . . yeah I'm o-okay." I say, inclining my head at a rapid speed, grabbing the guard's shoulder for support before I make a fool of myself and faint in front of everyone.

                  Suddenly, my head hits the cement floors as I see Brian holding Cody down while another guard injects him with a sedative, Cody calming down and going limp in Brian's grip almost immediately. I feel a warm liquid trickle from my lip and across my left cheek, and then finally onto the cold, dark flooring of Burrington Manor.

                 I feel my self becoming extremely dizzy and I close my eyes and then open them again, seeing those familiar, intimidating, and warm golden eyes staring into my baby blues. Riley comes up behind him, seizing him by the shoulders and hooking his arms around the tan muscular ones, pulling him away towards the Men's cell blocks.

                 "Z-Zayn. . ." I mumble as let my eyes close all the way, slipping into the dark world of unconsciousness.


                A/N Sorry it took me so long with this update! I wanted it to be good! Let me know what you guys think!! Comment, like, favorite.


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