Fear of the Dark, Fear of the Dark

"Monsters can be little specks of insanity in our brains, we are all monsters, darling, and we are insane." Laine Richards is a nurse that works at the infamous Mental Asylum, Burrington Manor Mental Institution for the Criminally Insane. On September 29, 1956, a new patient, Zayn Malik, is admitted to the Institution. Laine can't help but to find the new patient attractive, but also dark, intimidating, and arrogant. What will happen when she and this mental patient start to bond? Will everything work out fine for Laine and Zayn or will everything come tumbling down?


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      Fear of the Dark, Fear of the Dark





         Walking towards the cafeteria once again, I move with my head down in the frighteningly, loud hallway. I can't get my mind off of seeing Ella's lifeless body. The thing I hadn't noticed before about her body was her face. On her lips, their was a smile that was carved into her pale skin and her forehead was covered in blood. I keep picturing that demented smile on her face. Ella was a sweet girl, she had just started working at Burrington Manor, and for her to end up like this? It's just so. . . sinful. 

        Suddenly, I bump into someone, and as I look up I notice that I've bumped into Zayn. He studies me for a second, seemingly debating on what to say. 

       "What wrong?" He finally asks, concern clear in his delicate voice. 

       "I found on of the nurse's dead in the basement." I state shyly, starting to shake at the memory. 

       "What? What do you mean dead?" Zayn asks, looking at me in shock. 

       "I went down into the basement to get medical supplies and I found her dead. Almost all of her skin was gone, Zayn." I reply, slight accusation lacing my voice. 

      "Her skin was gone? Like she was skinned?" He asks. I nod, looking at him with denunciation in my eyes. "You think I did it?" He asks with disbelief in his voice. 

      "Well, you are in here for skinning four women, Zayn! What am I supposed to think?" I ask confidently. It seems that I'm becoming more comfortable with him, that I can actually talk to him without shrinking away from his intimidating demeanour. 

      "Unbelievable." I hear him mutter. "I couldn't of done it. I've been in my cell all day. Even if I was let out, I still couldn't of done it. My guard, Ace, is with me constantly. You can ask him where I've been." He tells me with a smirk on his lips. 

      He's right. He couldn't of done it, what with being watched constantly. Ella was alive yesterday, I saw her with my own eyes. Come to think of it, I didn't see her at all yesterday after she left after talking to Niall. She could of been killed after she was done talking. 

     I sigh, "I believe you." 

     He grins, revealing his super bright white teeth. "Told you." He says, stepping closer towards me. His flies up to my face, grabbing a piece of my blonde hair that has escaped my high bun somehow, and tucks it behind my ear. His lingering touch leaves me blushing a deep pink. 

    "I have to go." I say, stepping away from him, causing his hand to leave my face and fall to his side. He nods at me, smirking, obviously proud of the reaction he got out of me. 

    "Carry on, Ms. Richards." Zayn says, then walks past me down the hallway and into the cafeteria. I take a deep breathe and then follow his lead, walking into the dining hall also. 

    I walk to my normal spot at the lunch table pushed against the wall, only this time Niall is waiting for me, leaning against the table. He spots me, jumping up and racing towards me. 

    "I heard about you finding Ella. It's a shame. Are you okay?" He asks in a rush, overwhelming me slightly. 

    I nod absentmindedly, "Yeah, I'm okay. Just a little frightened." 

    He nods, "I would be too. What took you so long getting here?" 

    I gulp. I can't tell him about talking to Zayn. Given his warning about not talking to him, I can't just tell him I disobeyed his wish. "I was. . . talking to the police officers, you know giving my statement. They wouldn't stop patronizing me with questions." 

     Niall sighs, "Yeah, the police can be annoying." 

     I nod, walking past him and sitting down at my normal table. Niall follows, sitting on my left side as he turns his head, observing the patients playing board games or just roaming around without a meaning. 

     I hear the metal countertop of the table creak, and then I hear an ignorant voice say, "Well hello again, Laine." 


    A/N I know it's short, I just felt like updating some more. I promise to update A Loss For Words soon. I'm just focusing on this story right now. Let me know what you think. Like, comment, favorite. 


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