Fear of the Dark, Fear of the Dark

"Monsters can be little specks of insanity in our brains, we are all monsters, darling, and we are insane." Laine Richards is a nurse that works at the infamous Mental Asylum, Burrington Manor Mental Institution for the Criminally Insane. On September 29, 1956, a new patient, Zayn Malik, is admitted to the Institution. Laine can't help but to find the new patient attractive, but also dark, intimidating, and arrogant. What will happen when she and this mental patient start to bond? Will everything work out fine for Laine and Zayn or will everything come tumbling down?


10. 10

        Fear of the Dark, Fear of the Dark






                 By the deafening tap! of the window and the booming clank! of something metal falling to the ground, my eyes open. The room I am in is bright, and as I look around, I see luminous white walls lined with gray sheeted beds and stark white metal bed frames. Unsighted by the white panels, I sit up, immediately regretting it when my head starts to pound.

               "Now, now. Lay back down. We wouldn't want you to fall over, now would we?" I hear a voice say with a prominent Scottish accent, steadying me with cold and nimble hands. "You hit your head pretty hard kid."    

               I look up, met with green-gold eyes and a cheeky smile, revealing a set of dimples. The figure moves back again, and then I see who it is. A man with wild, black wavy hair stares back at me, glimpsing at my forehead. My hand comes to rest at a bandage on my left temple, feeling it extend up my forehead and wince at the pain shooting through my head.

            "That smarts a bit." I say, breaking the tranquility, hearing the man chuckle.

            "Yeah, it's going to hurt a bit. As I said, you hit your head really hard from that fall." He replies, moving closer to me and taking off the bandage, making an approving sound as he places it back over my temple. "The swelling is already going down. It should heal nicely." I peer at the lab coat he is wearing, seeing the name 'Dr. Johnathan Kyles' sewn in clumsily in black thread.

            "Do my friends know where I am?" I ask, laying back on the uncomfortable pillows, once again glancing around. The curtain is drawn, blocking me from seeing anything else besides the confines of the corner I am in. Like everything else in the infirmary, the curtain is also white with a gray line lining the bottom of it.

             Suddenly, I hear a thunderous shriek, and I look towards the sound, unable to see where it came from.

            "The patients don't like it when we give them sedatives." Dr. Kyles explains, grabbing a gray plastic chair and sitting in it, crossing his legs. "Your friends know where you are. They are waiting outside, for only the ill or injured are allowed in here. Oh, and doctors and nurses of course."

            I nod, glancing down at my hands and twiddling my thumbs, a habit I have unfortunately inhabited from Niall. I gasp, seeing the pale blue gown I am wearing, grasping it in my hands and staring at it in shock.

           "Where are my clothes, Doctor?" I ask, seeing him nod toward the railing of my cramped bed were my uniform lays folded over the white bars. I take a deep breathe, thankful that I have the wretched uniform, for I will not be supplied another one if I lose it.

           Dr. Kyles leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees and looking into my eyes. "Do you remember what happened, Laine?"

          I close my eyes, thanking back to the incident in the hallways, seeing images run through my mind of Cody touching me all over, Zayn saving me, and the guards coming before I hit my head on the ground and passed out.

          I nod, feeling my eyes start to water and take a minute to compose myself before answering, "Yes."

         Dr. Kyles nods, his blank expression suddenly turning into a sympathetic one. "I'm sorry this has happened to you, Ms. Laine. You seem like a kind person."

         "Thank you." I respond my voice a bit shaky. He pats my knee, giving me a compassionate grin. Another scream sounds through the halls of the infirmary, causing both me and Dr. Kyles to jump.

          "What are you doing to them?" I ask, horrified of the answer.

          "That's Mr. Tharlenson in the Electro Shock Therapy room next door I believe." He responds, looking thoughtful.

          "He gets Electro Shock Therapy for almost raping me?" I ask, not believing his words.

          "Well, that and the fact that he was out of his cell during the storm when he was told not to." Dr. Kyles responds, shrugging slightly.

           Immediately, my mind drifts to Zayn. "What will they do to Zayn?"

           Dr. Kyles nods approvingly, "The lad who saved you? He gets ten lashes for being out of his cell. He got off easy for saving you, but he was indeed out of his cell. A hero that boy is, risking getting punished to help you."

          I blush slightly. Zayn did risk getting in trouble to save me. He could of ignored me and not help me, but he did. Instantly, a thought occurs in my mind. Why was Zayn out of his cell in the first place?

           I need to know why he helped me. It couldn't of been because he wanted to save someone. No, there has to be a reason.

          "He gets whipped for being out of his cell?" I ask, suddenly horrified.

           Dr. Kyles nods, "Yeah, but at least it's not getting electrocuted."

          "It's still terrible, though."

          "Well what did you think would happen? He would be left off with a warning? That's not how it works, Laine."

          I glance down, nodding. "When can I get out of here?"

          "About two hours. We've held you for observations for twenty-two hours already, just to make sure you don't have a concussion or any other brain injuries."

         "I've been here since yesterday?" I ask, shocked.

          "Yes. We didn't think you would wake up. Thank god you did. We don't want a death on our hands, now do we?"


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