Fear of the Dark, Fear of the Dark

"Monsters can be little specks of insanity in our brains, we are all monsters, darling, and we are insane." Laine Richards is a nurse that works at the infamous Mental Asylum, Burrington Manor Mental Institution for the Criminally Insane. On September 29, 1956, a new patient, Zayn Malik, is admitted to the Institution. Laine can't help but to find the new patient attractive, but also dark, intimidating, and arrogant. What will happen when she and this mental patient start to bond? Will everything work out fine for Laine and Zayn or will everything come tumbling down?


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                                                                          Fear of the Dark, Fear of the Dark




                I walk down the dull and lifeless street towards Burrignton Manor Mental Institution for the Criminally Insane, where I work as a nurse to the crazy people that inhabit it. I pull my coat closer to my body, covering up my bare chest that my uniform doesn't cover. Winter seems to creep up on London faster and faster within the numbered days until it's actually supposed to be here. Although, when is it not cold in the magical yet boring city of London?

               I approach the metal gates that shelter Burrignton Manor and all the strange people staying there. I push them open, continuing along the bumpy path that cars are meant to drive on. I'm saving up for a car, and I almost have enough to buy a used one. But until I have it, I'm stuck walking. Oh well. I love to walk, I like the peacefulness. I reach the, what seems, endless steps that lead up to the light, baby blue doors of the Asylum. I reach the top, opening them and stepping inside, instantly being greeted by the heat circling the building.

               I walk around the huge black statue of a priest holding the Bible that sits right in the middle of the medium sized lobby. As I continue down the hallway, I already start to hear the usual shrieks and groans of the patients. I shiver. That's the part of this job I hate, all of the shrieks and screams. It startles me honestly, but also makes me feel sympathetic for them, having to spend most of the rest of their lives living in a metal asylum, but then I hear about what all these patients have done, and I find it hard to feel sympathetic for psychopaths.

           Reaching the check-in desk, I spot my best friend, Niall Horan, leaning up against the desk and talking to one of the other nurses. Niall is a deathly-pale, blue-eyed Irish man that has been my best friend since I started working here last Summer. He works as a security guard, protecting both the staff and the patients. I smile, seeing the nurse I recognize as Ella, a short, fair-skinned brunette, walk away. I walk over to him, also leaning against the desk, and poke him in the shoulder.

         His crystal blue eyes meet my baby blue ones as a grins at me and slings is harm around my shoulder. "Hey Laine! How was your weekend?"

          I chuckle, "Good. And yours?"

          He laughs, "Pretty good. Harry keeps asking me to help him get with you."

         I groan, "When will that man give up?"

         "I asked. He said he'll stop when you agree to go on a date with him." Niall replied, smirking at me. I sigh as Niall removes his arm, letting me take off my coat. I tuck a piece of my blonde hair behind my ear, groaning internally seeing that now it's going to be in my face instead of my high bun on top of my head I'm required to wear.

         "Did you hear about the new patient we're getting today?" Niall suddenly asks, readjusting his tie that sits upon his chest.  

        I shake my head, "No. What're they in for?"

        "I believe he's in for skinning four women." He says. "He's actually arriving soon. Would you like to go with me too see him arrive?"

       I nod, grabbing the keys to the cells I am supposed to have on me at all times. I walk with Niall, talking about some of the patients, as we skim through the hallway. I admire the delusional paintings of the previous wardens who have ran this Institution up to the most recent one, Ms. Narciss, a green-eyed, brunette women who gets inside your head and makes you feel insane.

       Niall and I reach the door leading to the South courtyard where the new psychiatric patient is pulling up. We hurry outside, nudging our way to the front where I see Ms. Narciss and many guards around her. She meets my gaze and smirks at me before turning her attention to the, what seems like, very old, beat up van-like blue car. The scattered staff and citizens holding signs saying cruel things like Burn In Hell Criminal! and God Knows All split when the van beeps it's horn, maneuvering through the people.

      I feel Niall nudge me, and I look to se him handing me his jacket. I slip it on my shivering shoulders and look at him with a grateful expression. He nods, then turns back to the van. I look at the blue van. seeing the unmistakable Police lettering painted largely on it in white paint. I look over, seeing two police officers walk around to the back of the car where two doors are. They open the doors, revealing another officer.

   I audibly gasp. The officer steps onto the dirt trail, revealing the most gorgeous man I have ever seen. He has the most beautiful eyes, a bright hazel that almost looks yellow with brown flakes all over. He's standing directly in front of me and Niall, which allows me to take in his breathe taking face. HIs jawline is very chiseled, that looks as if it could cut someone, and his cheekbones are prominent on his tanned face. He's wearing a blue jumpsuit with the number 165616 printed on the left of his chest. His biceps bulge out against the light fabric and you can see the toned six-pack outline pressing against the jumpsuit.

     His right arm is covered in a mixture of tattoos that tell a story that only he knows. I look back up to his face, seeing the facial hair stick out that just frames his beautiful face even more. His hair is styled in a messy quiff form, which probably looked better before he was arrested. I look at his beautiful eyes again, noticing he's staring right back at me. I blush under his intense gaze. How can someone so beautiful skin people?

    I see him smirk, still gazing into my eyes. I break our gaze when I notice he's moving. The two officers have grabbed a hold of his arms, pushing him towards where I'm standing. I notice he's  in shackles on both his wrists and ankles that are connected by a chain the hooks around his back and connects with the ones on his wrists. I feel somebody move past me, who I realize is Ms. Narciss, who turns around and leads the gorgeous man and the two officers into Burrington Manor. I sigh, turning to my best friend.

     "Who was that?" I ask Niall, who, in return, looks thoughtful.

     "I think his name is Zayn. Zayn Malik."


   A/N New Story! Deranged wasn't really working out for me. Anyway! I will update soon! Like, comment, favorite.  

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