It is Yaoi (boyxboy). It is all about what happens to a boy, Ryusukei Matsumoto.


2. Why me?!

I looked at him and his face was covered with a hoodie. "I have nothing to say to you. Can you please let me go?!" I demanded. He chuckled, "I'm sorry, this is no way to ask for a favor now is it? If I let you go will you run away?" He asked. "If you don't do anything suspicious." I snarled. He laughed and let me go. "What do you want of me?" I asked. He was quiet for a while. "I'm sorry but I-" I started saying. "Wait! Are you a... Man?!" He asked. I stared at him, then sighed. "Yes, I am a man. Why do you ask?" I said. He pulled his hoodie back revealing his face.

    He is a gorgeous man. He looks as if he were sent by god. He has sharp blue eyes, a fair complexion, manly shaped face, long curly brown hair that bounces whenever he moves, it is as if he were some Greek mythological character jumping out of a book.

  "I was told that we are going to be married in the future." He said. He looked at me too seriously to take this as a joke. "I'm sorry but two men can't marry. Plus, we don't know each other. You're probably looking for someone else." I said. I was walking away when I felt something grab my waist. "Hold on tight." He said. I then felt tremendous pressure and saw the town below me. "What the hell is going on?!" I panicked. "I said be careful!" He said. His grip was loosened and he dropped me. I screamed.

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