It is Yaoi (boyxboy). It is all about what happens to a boy, Ryusukei Matsumoto.


3. Up up and away!

I was falling for what it felt like forever. I was screaming and flailing my arms about. I saw the man bolt down towards me and grab me once again.
"Sheesh, I told you to hold on tight and be careful!" He exclaimed.

I was trembling from fright. "H-how, w-what..." I stuttered.
"How did I do this? And what am I? I can't answer those right now but soon enough I'll be able to." He said.

I looked down and saw the town again. We were flying really quickly so everything looked almost like a blur.

"W-wait! Where are we going?!" I asked.

"Heh, to my house of course!!!" He smirked.
"Wait, what?! Why to your house?!" I hurriedly said.

"You know, that's enough questions for now" He sighed.
I felt something hit the side of my neck and I then blacked out.

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