It is Yaoi (boyxboy). It is all about what happens to a boy, Ryusukei Matsumoto.


1. The beginning

I have always kept my darkest secrets from everyone, especially my family. I’m scared to let anyone know my two deepest darkest secrets.


Ryusukei Matsumoto, a University student who has black hair, green eyes, curvy full lips, cute nose, big eyes, and an erotic body to top it off. Sounds like a female or a guy from a Shojo manga but is a man from Tokyo Japan.


One day I was walking to school, not paying attention to where I was going and ended up at the red light district, the part for gays. I spun around and walked quickly. I know the way around this place, and that is because I am too, gay. The thing is is that I want to keep it a secret from everyone. I have known I didn’t like women from a young age and felt lonely. I used to have a crush on a certain guy at my university who was straight from everyone’s point of view, but deep down i knew that he was just like me. He always seemed to be flirting with girls but never actually dating them. If you really paid attention to him, like I have, then you would know that he had no particular interest in women. What I had also inferred about him is that he is not the guy whom he is thought to be, his personality is somewhat backwards. He acts like a gentleman but is actually part of the yakuza, the next head if I may say. But anyways I need to get out of here, otherwise he will find me. His family owns a huge bar here and he is always there picking up customers. So, I was walking quickly, people kept on looking at me. There were both gorgeous young men and creepy old men. I kept on getting a bad feeling from suspicious looking people, so I went into a back alley I knew.

I am used to creepy stares, since I am known as the prettiest person in the school… Not that I really like the title, just gives me unwanted attention. It is a mixed gender University, and there are plenty of good looking people in it, but I still hold the title. Despite the title you would think I would be popular but no one approaches me, I only get stared at. Lustful stares of mostly men and the glares of their girlfriends. The reason why I’m not popular is because I’m 100% Japanese, yet I have green eyes. Also, whenever I used to get dressed in the dressing room for P.E in high school I heard people whispering that I had an erotic body. Thank god there is no gym in University. I have always been the silent introverted type, so I was a target of rude rumors and bullying.

       But enough thinking… I need to get away. I kept on walking but felt as if I was stuck in a loop. I knew my way around these parts yet it I got lost. I turned a corner and found out that I was at the place I had first started. I was calm and collected until someone grabbed my arm and pushed me against a wall. I started trembling because I didn’t know what to do or know what was going to happen. Am I going to get raped? Will something bad happen to me? “I have a favor to ask of you.” The man said.

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