The new Blood of Olympus

This is my competition entry for the ending of Blood of Olympus.
I'm sorry if its slightly confusing, but theres me as a hardcore fan..... I wish all the people entering this competition luck, but only one will win!!!!! Written from first, Leo's point of view, then Percy's.... This has two chapters, so make sure to read them both!


1. ~~~Leo~~~




Nico sprawled on the floor, not moving.


“Isn’t there anything you can do?” Leo cried.


Calypso shook her head. “My magic is strong, but it cannot reverse death. That only children of Hades can do. And-”  She faltered, looking at the broken figure that lay on the ground. She glanced over at the blood that dribbled down his lip, his skin chalk white and peppered with bruises.


“He will become his fathers lieutenant.”

A large smoky silhouette stepped out of the shadows- legitimately from the shadows.

Leo looked up. “Wh-who on earth are you?”


“Please. Mind my manners, for not introducing myself. I am Thanatos, or you could call me Death, but that name gives me a bad vibe. Your friends, Frank and Hazel rescued me. Frank was brave, sacrificing himself to set things right.”


Thanatos pulled a tablet out of his smoky robes and tapped the screen a few times.

“Hades is granting the child immortality by his side. Already his soul is with his father, and believe me, Nico will be avenged. Hades is preparing the worst from the Fields of Punishment to help your forces against Gaia."

“So what are you here for?” Leo asked.


“Oh, I’m taking Nico’s body. Personal orders from Hades.”


Leo felt sick. His friend, dead. He hadn’t known Nico very well, but now he was dead Leo felt guilty. He thought about Percy. He and Nico had been together since they were kids and now the relationship was severed.

Calypso placed her hand on Leo’s back. “Let’s- let’s go.”

Gently she turned him away, sliding her arm around his shoulders, but Leo pushed her off.

“No.” He took a deep breath, then watched as Thanatos bent down and hefted Nico off the ground like a sack of potatoes. “I need to see this. For Percy.”


“Thank you.” Thanatos said, shifting his feet. “I think it would be best if I left now.”


Leo walked away in a trance, and nearly forgot about the job he needed to complete.

“Can you like, do your magic and find out where Percy and Annabeth are?”


Calypso stopped and thought. “They’ve separated.”


Leo was shocked. “They’ve broken up?”


She looked confused, then broke into a grin. “No you silly, they’re in two different places right now.”


Leo blushed down to his Adams apple. Of course. Honestly, Tia Callida had ruined him. “Where’s Percy?”


Calypso closed her eyes and put her fingers to her head. “They’re nearby. Percy’s with Piper and Frank.”


“Can you Iris-message them?”

She dug into the pocket of her greek styled dress and felt around. “I don’t think I have any coins.”


“Ok, toolbelt, lets see what you got.” He put his hand in one of the enchanted pockets,and pulled a shining drachma out. It had just appeared in his hand when he thought for it. Leo chucked the coin of the gods to Calypso and she threw it into the ever growing mist that formed around them.

“O Iris, goddess of the rainbow, please accept our offering! Show me Percy Jackson.”


The mist shimmered around them, then cleared up. Percy had Riptide in his hand and was jabbing at some rogue giant. Frank was summoning the spirit of Mars, the eerie red glow around him, and Piper was trying to convince the earth brethren that knocking themselves out instead of her was a good idea.

The team didn’t look good. Percy had a cut through his armour and even though Piper was normally a beauty, that wombat goddess must have finally claimed her because she was a mess.


“Hey!” Leo gasped. “What?- That's Houston. How did they- last time they were defending Long Island?"


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