Good Girls, They're bad girls.


2. Chapter 2


Calum made me feel happy, listen:

'Even though Luke has just moved in, why don't I pick you up at 6 and we can have dinner at his?'

Of course I replied with a 'great' or something really 'ingenious' like that, wait wait wait. Hold up. *sucks teeth* you don't know anything about me?


My name is Lucy Tracket, I have long blonde hair maybe a little past my shoulders? Thinking of getting it cut. I HATE IT.

But anyway, my eyes are a dark blue and my skin is quite pale, not gorgeous in any way. But you just have to live with it don't you. My hobbies incl- LETS JUST GET ON WITH THE STORY BECAUSE I HAVE HALF AN HOUR TO GET READY.

I was ready in an pale blue skater dress with white short converse nothing special, I don't think. Or was I too overdressed.... I turned away from the mirror and stepped out of my room. I propped my iPad up and slunked on my couch, I had a Skype call and it was my best friend Bethany, she had long blonde hair and often wore a flower crown which also made her look fabulous!

"Do I look too overdressed?" I asked her,

"No! You look good!" She replied,

"Good thanks!" I hung up just before Pulled into my driveway, I think I had at least 5 call backs after that? But anyway. There was a knock at the door, I peeped through the keyhole just to wind him up then opened the door,

"Hi! Come on... Let's.. Um. Go. You look good by the


"Thanks! You too!" We strolled into his car with linked arms . I hope Luke's new house is nice!

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