I dont need air 'cause i breath her

Harry Styles as known ladies man the man whore etc. Guy with money and girls. His life is big mess even that he has everything you cant buy everything. You cant buy love,he doesnt even know what it is until he meets this mystery girl named Faella.


1. not everyone love you

~Harry Styles


I made my way in the club with my boys Liam,Niall,Zayn and Louis behind me,we finally had our break and it was time to have some fun. The club was full of people."i will catch you later." I said as i saw hot looking girls. Liam just rolled his eyes and nod and Louis winked and Niall was already in bar that irish dude really could drink. Some hot blondie started to dance right against me she had tight dress and really nice bum. I danced with her when my eyes stopped on something. She was wearing black tight dress what hugged her curves perfectly she had long brown hair and looked really hot. She danced wildly and sexily. I excused my self from the blondie and made my way over her.i stood behind her "hey sexy." i breathed in her neck. she turned slowly around.she narrowed her eyes to me and raised her eye brows. "i will buy you a drink. c'moon." i said smirking to her. "no thanks,i'm not thirsty." she said. her voice was beautiful but the tone wasn't. "well maybe we can do something else?" i said winking to her. "go away you twat."she said. "don't you know who i am?" i raised my voice. she was hot but had altitude tough. "do i look like i give a shit?" she asked. my mouth fell open. "go away you are disgusting, don't see i'm not some cheap whore who fells into your arms? i have pride.goodbye." she said casually looking me with disgust and walked away. what the heck just happened? she just didn't blew me away.well what the actual fuck. i didn't even catch her name. whatever. i walked over the bar not being in the mood to dance. Zayn sat there and smiled bit when he saw me. "whats up?" he asked. "just got blew off by hot chick." i said sitting next to him. "what?" he asked. "yeah." i said. "that sucks man." he said taking sip of his beer. "where are the guys anyways?" i asked. "well Niall was with me while ago i don't know where he went." Zayn said. i got bored soon and took off with Liam who was also tired. i wasn't in the mood do some hot chick. i don't know why.


"so lads, you have half year before next tour." Simon said as we sat on his office. we nod. "you are free." he said. "but  you could start working on new album-  he got cut by the door. "oh that must be Faella." he said. "come in." he said. i didn't bother to turn around. "so here is the the papers and coffee." said familiar voice. there she stood her brown hair tied on pony tail and she was wearing boring work suit but looked absolutely hot in that. "oh, thanks." Simon said. "i wan't you to meet Lads." Simon said. she looked us her eyes stopped on me for a while she rolled her eyes bit for annoy. what the heck. i looked next to me and saw lads totally eye raping her just like i did. i felt anger. "nice to meet you." she smiled politely to lads totally ignoring me and not looking me like i wasn't in the room. "Faella is my sisters daughter and she works here, so i think you will see her a lot." Simon said. "you are free to go." Simon said and Faella excused the room too.i followed the lads on the elevator. "well that was something." Louis broke the silence. Niall laugh little and Liam smiled. "what?" i asked. "did you see her?" Zayn asked for the guys. they nod and smile bit awkwardly. "what it is." i said. "i have never seen girl blew you off that way, she didn't even smile to you." Louis said. "i guess not everyone love Harry after all." Niall said. "don't be mean, but that was weird in deed.she was like you weren't in room." Liam said. "do you know her?" Louis asked. "no." i lied. "i think you do." Zayn said. "shut up." i said. "maybe she is yours- louis said but i cut him before he could say something stupid. "i saw her at the club yesterday. they nod but Zayn's eyes wide. "don't say she was.." Zayn said laughing little. "what?" Liam,Niall and Louis asked same time. "she blew me off totally when i asked her to catch drink with me." i said quickly. "Oh." they said. there was silent. "well that doesn't happen everyday." Liam said. "shut up, will you." i said. these guys were my best friends we were like brothers but sometimes they bugged me. 


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