La Sorcière

The girl was on the run, convicted of sorcerey
the townspeople searching relentlessly to capture a demon.
the boy who would do anything for his love.
But would it be enough?


3. Three

~~Claie had swollen eyes from the countless times he remembered her. Every moment he saw her face, her scarlet locks and sky-like eyes, he cried.
The pain in his chest never loosened, but was a knot that every time he tried to untangle it, it kept getting tighter.
He had warned her at first light, sprinting for miles to find her. His father had discussed with the board about her fate. He waited outside the panel of wood with bated breath until he heard her name.
Her name was uncommon, unique even, so that was why at first mention, he left the building and headed straight for her.
He recalled the instant her face had broken. Her once gleeful eyes were now dull and lifeless.
He would never see her beauty again. He thought of the one word he loved more than anything else. The one word that rolled off his tongue like treacle and made him feel warm.
The word was her name.
The word was Allure.
He could not absolve himself for letting this fortune happen to her.
For he was the one who sentenced her fate to demise.
He was the one who had ruined her life.
And he would never forgive himself.

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