La Sorcière

The girl was on the run, convicted of sorcerey
the townspeople searching relentlessly to capture a demon.
the boy who would do anything for his love.
But would it be enough?


6. Six

~~Allure was caught. This was it, her destiny was decided.
Someone tied heavy cord around her gentle hands.
The cruel rope was in place, it snickered at her from across the sturdy platform.
She combed the crowd for Claie.
She hung her head when he didn’t surface.
“Come on, lass.” A gruff voice said as he pushed her across the wood.
Her eyes bore into the ground, she vowed she wouldn’t cry.
Hundreds of eyes gawked at Allure.
She didn’t return the gaze.
The seconds exaggerated into the dusk. A man was fixing the rope, testing is strength.
The man with the gruff voice guided her to the hoop.
This is it, Allure thought, soon I will leave.
She barred her eyes, took her last breath, and waited.
Hush cast over the town.
The mayor explained he would count to five.
Allure thought of her wonderful mother who had suffered the same fate.
She thought of her best friend Fleur, who, through no fault of her own, had died and caused Allure her second heartbreak.
Allure thought of seeing the only people who had loved her for who she is.
Except for Claie, of course.
Claie, why had he not shown? Was he scared? A coward?
What did he mean when he said he was sorry?
She would never know.
This was it.
One more word that would change her world forever.
It was Claie.
Allure opened her eyes to see her loving and most loyal friend running toward her.
But it was too late,
“I love you, Allure!” he yelled, before being forced off the platform.
“I love you t-“
 Allure began, but she never finished.
For the obscurity claimed its latest victim, Allure thought.


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