La Sorcière

The girl was on the run, convicted of sorcerey
the townspeople searching relentlessly to capture a demon.
the boy who would do anything for his love.
But would it be enough?


1. One

~~It wasn’t supposed to be today. A week of treachery, abuse, muted remarks were to drag on before that date. Before the deadline, the end point, she was hoping for the runaway-day she could get on with her life and leave the tortuous world behind with Claie, before they ended her life.
Oh, Claie. She thought. She will never see Claie, the one who had saved her, again. Tears twirled in her irises. One escaped and continued down her face, a soundless scratch on the skin.
 Today was not the day she could run, today the frosty air ferociously hugged her cheeks, the blue-blackness of the cold sending darts of pain through her body, the soft powder surrounding the land, silencing the birds with its icy glance, covering the colour like an artist painting over the mistakes he created. It was too quiet. Today was not supposed to be the day she got seized.
            She could just see it, angry men with scars down their faces, unruly and unforgiving women, too big to utter a smile, too thick to not follow the crowd. Swirls of orange would grab the wood-stick and forever cause pain amongst its captivating light.
She sat near the shrubs. The white had already trapped the leaves, suffocating the only beauty it had left.
She closed her eyes.
Shouts of fury were heading towards her. Soon it would be over. Soon they would march through like soldiers heading into battle. The trees would scream with immense uproar, armed with the nature rather than the weapons they desperately needed, trying to save her. Trying, but failing.
She glanced at her hands. The slender fingers were beginning to curl into their natural shape, ready to perform practiced charms at her command. Her mind raced with thoughts of eeriness, her lips whispering hushed promises.
Soon, she will see Claie.
Today will not be the day they trapped her in the gloom.
She would make sure of it.

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