Empty pillow talk

Nobody wants a broken albino that's missing pieces of herself; except her missing piece.


3. Chapter 3 part 1

Hey, this is part one of chapter 3, the second part will be posted later so enjoy!

As promised, he called me later,when I was about to settle in and sketch a bit before cuddling up with my pet cat, Midna. I answered with excitement, having high hopes it was him, and he didn't let me down.

We talked for an hour, about everything we could, and when it came to talking about our age, I was shocked. I was flirting with a man, not a boy. He was twenty one, which meant that it was illegal, what we were doing. I warned him that I was a minor, and he had simply said, "age is but a number, would you like to go out sometime?"

I told him I'd text him my answer in the morning, since it was now nearly one in the morning. He agreed and said goodnight, wishing me sweet dreams, and I did the same.

Right as I was about I close my eyes, my phone buzzed from its position on the floor by the mattress, charger plugged in. I squinted at the light and smiled as I read the text from Alex: goodnight princess xo.

That was the last thing I saw before falling asleep.

The next morning, I got ready for my first day of school, wearing black skinny jeans with a studded belt, a Marilyn Manson shirt, and dark make-up, with black lipstick. I tossed my Collide With The Sky book bag over my shoulder and put on some All Time Low, a new band I just recently downloaded last night on my phone, a suggestion from Alex. Speaking of the devil, I still had to answer his question. Screw it, he makes me feel good, why not enjoy it, even if for a little while at the least. I texted him; good morning handsome, where are we going on our date?

He responded quickly; My place so I can make you some food?

This boy really knows the way to my heart, I answered him; you really know the way to a girl's heart, but I'm not easy, don't expect me just to haul you to bed after.

I scaled the stairs to the second floor, and down the next flight of stairs so I could get to the kitchen. I grabbed a granola bar and downed it quickly, then brushed my teeth and did my hair. My phone buzzed again with another text from Alex; I have horror movies?

What a cliché, he learned last night that I love them but was scared shitless from them. This was so an excuse for him to hold me. I grabbed my keys and made my way down the street, using more directions from the neighbours. I called him since I preferred actually hearing his voice. "Damn boy, you really know the way to a girl's heart." I laughed.

He chuckled, "how about it? I know you have school today which sucks but I can come get you after it and we can go to my place?"

"Deal. I better not get nightmares from it." I warned him.

He laughed, "would it help if I held you?"

"Maybe, maybe not, we'll just see, now won't we?"

We bid our goodbyes and he wished me luck in my journey to Mordor, as I had caught view of my school.

~~~~~~le time skip~~~~~~

After getting my schedule, I was trying to find my current class, English, but I'm pretty sure I was lost. I couldn't call anyone for help, because I didn't know anyone from this school, and I couldn't ask some random person, since everyone was in class. Thank god, I heard someone walk nearby and waited for them to turn around. "Do you know where room 105 is?" I asked, glancing up from the sheet to see a blonde girl wearing a short skirt and tank top that barely covered her stomach or chest. I suddenly felt incredibly self-conscience in my jeans and t-shirt.

"Of course! Follow me!" She grinned, yanking me down the hall by my wrist, which hurt like a mother fucker, due to her death grip.

She knocked on a door that had famous quotes written across it, like Shakespeare's 'to be or not to be' and 'stay gold, Pony-boy.'

I was already liking this guy. A tall man opened the door, scratching his orange beard, which just so happened to be the only hair on his head. "So you're Roxhanna?" He asked me.

"Roxy." I corrected him softly.

"Well, Roxy, if you aren't an outspoken person, I suggest you take a class on public speaking and get comfortable with the idea of being made a fool in front of your peers, because it's an activity I enjoy thoroughly." He gestured for me to take a free seat.

The rest of the day flew by, and I'm not sure but I think that blonde was a new friend? She leeched me at lunch and now, as I was explaining I had to go, she suggested I try out cheerleading. "I'm fine. Actually, there's my ride, see you tomorrow." I waved at the pink head guy I recognized and quickly strutted forward to his car, sliding into the passenger seat. "Get me out of there." I sighed, letting my bag drop to the floor.

"Rough day?" Alex asked as he pulled onto the road.

"Sometimes it's better to be bullied for being nothing, rather than being highly adored and misinterpreted." I let out another sigh, leaning back into the leather seat.

He smiled and flicked on the radio, just as Paramore's Ain't it fun came on. A grin spread from ear to ear as Alex lamely got me singing with him and laughing by being completely off-key. We pulled up to his apartment complex and he told me to freeze, which made me worried, until I saw him try to race around an open my door. It slightly irritated me, so I voiced my thoughts, "I know you're trying to be a gentleman, but I can open my own door. Never mistake me for a princess, except for maybe Zelda, or Peach, cause those bitches are boss."

He chuckled and agreed to never open the car door for me again. I had a feeling this topic was only temporarily dropped.

I shouldered my bag and we walked inside, this time he let me get the door. Don't get me wrong, it's absolutely freaking adorable, but I can do stuff on my own, and I'm more than capable of opening a door, even if he was only trying to be a gentleman.

When he lead me into the elevator, he pressed the button 7, than the close door button. "So, make any new friends?" He asked casually whilst smirking.

"Ha ha, there's nothing but preps in that school, I feel like they're all just mouthing the words to a 1D song and mocking me." I faked a shudder.

He laughed, and it sounded slightly melodic, like he could sing at any given moment. "Awe, poor you." He wrapped one arm around my neck and pulled me into his side.

A heavy blush fell upon my pale cheeks as I closed my eyes and leaned into him. I jumped as the elevator door opened and he released me, taking the lead.

I'm not quite sure what I expected when I walked into his apartment; something really trashy and disgusting thanks to a bunch of sexist cousins, but also something clean and nice, thanks to my endless imagination. I kept thinking about him today during class, even during art class, which I had taken a liking to. I didn't expect a cozy little place that looked homey or lived in. A small table for two, couch and love-seat, tv, the regular stuff you found in an apartment I guess. Plus there was a guitar strewn across the coach, like it had been thrown there carelessly. "Welcome to my BatCave, its not much, but I still kick quite a bit of ass." He made a lare gesture to the room, making me smile slightly.

"So you're Batman?" I asked with a smirk.

"Of course I am, which makes you my Cat-woman." He grabbed my hand and twirled me, a smile spreading ever so delicately on both of our faces' when he pulled me in tight after a second twirl.

"Hey, can I use your guitar?" I asked hopefully, glancing up at him due to the height difference.

"Sure, but be warned, it's been a while since anyone but me has used that thing." He released me after a tight squeeze.

I picked up the instrument and laid it in my lap, strumming a song lightly. Alex danced around the kitchen to the music whilst making dinner, which I thoroughly enjoyed. He danced and I laughed, making it difficult to strum the strings on the guitar. He finally served the food, which turned out to be pizza, and we ate in the living room, on the couch. "Twenty questions?" I inquired, sipping some Coke.

"Sure." He gestured for me to go first, since he had just bitten down on his slice of pizza.

"Ok, uh, what are your plans for the future?" I asked lamely, chomping down on the delectable food that he'd prepared.

"To go on tours with my band, we're currently only doing local gigs, once we went out of the state, but we're hoping for a record signing soon." He replied, "What's your dream job?"

"To be a fairy princess." I did my best to keep a straight face.

"Really?" He gave me one of those worried glances, then realized I was joking. "Well, that's great, because mine is to be a butler for the president."

I couldn't help it; I burst with laughter. He grinned as well, waiting for me to calm down. "No, but seriously, what do you aspire to be?"

"I don't know. I've recently picked up art, but I can't really see my future whatsoever. I have no clue if I'm going to keep up the art, or drop it all and be a clown." I shrugged, finishing my piece of pizza.

He leaned back, giving me the perfect opportunity to kick my worn out grey Chucks onto his lap. "Interesting." He commented.

I nodded, "Favourite song?"

"Blinded by Third Eye Blind." He smiled, probably reminiscing a memory he thought of due to the song.

I knew the song, it wasn't half bad. "Good choice." I slightly applauded him.

"Mhmm, and what's yours?" He asked, finishing his pizza as well.

"America by Motionless in White." I admitted, shrugging slightly.

He pulled my feet up off his lap and chose a few movies from his collection of DVDs and CDs. "Horror movie time."

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