Empty pillow talk

Nobody wants a broken albino that's missing pieces of herself; except her missing piece.


2. Chapter 2

So this was Baltimore. The place where I would spend the next couple years of my life. Great (not.) I hauled my suitcase to the front door, where dad was struggling with the key. He finally opened the door and we all stepped inside, trying to get the best rooms. I found a small staircase on the second floor and climbed up, holding my bags tightly. I found a circular room with one window. This was perfect. I could put my posters up to hide the shitty paint job, or paint over it myself if I could get a hold of some paint. "Claimed!" I yelled, much like in The Walking Dead. Soon after, I heard my sister yell it too, and my brother yelled, "mine!"

He was only three, and just starting to talk, so it came as no surprise that he said even that with a stutter. 

I pushed my luggage in the closet and put on some Pierce the veil, waiting for my bed to be brought up. I pulled out my sketchbook and designed a few outfits, most of the colouring included either black or red, occasionally blue or purple. 

When I heard the moving guys coming up the stairs with some of my stuff, I shoved my book into my bag and stood, watching as they brought up my mattress. "Over by the window." I ordered, pointing to the sole window.

They dropped the mattress roughly, and my OCD spiked as I noticed it wasn't straight. I shoved it against the wall and made sure it was perfect as Sarah came into my room, holding a box. "Mom said to bring this up to you, it's a bunch of posters and a rug." She placed it on my mattress, flouncing off down the stairs and I mentally wished she would trip and fall. 

Unfortunately, she made it down without any problems and I decided to go digging for the rest of my stuff. I reached the moving van and almost bumped into someone. "Sorry, that was completely my fault. I wasn't watching where I was going." They said whilst I brushed myself off like their disgusting DNA flew onto my jacket. 

I was about to retort with something sarcastic and rude when I looked up. It's the boy I drew. He's real. "No problem, but I'm sure it was my klutzy self that is to blame." I was nervous as hell; I wanted to know more about him, he looked exactly like the boy I drew. 

He smiled, and it became even more clear that he was the boy that I'd sketched. 

"Ok well, see you, beautiful." He winked and walked off before I could say anything. 

I flushed a brilliant red and continued to make my way to the van, grabbing the first box with my name on it. It turned out to be my CD collection, which ranged from Metallica to Paramore. I was a punk chick, through and through. I have a nose ring on my left nostril and my hair is styled with a side bang that swooped from the left side of my forehead to the right. It usually covered my right eye. I always used the coloured contacts even then. You never know when wind will suddenly blow your cover.

Anyways, let's just skip a few hours, because there's nothing exciting about me re-building all of my stuff since we had to destroy it to get all of it up the narrow stairs. As promised by mom, I was bringing my brother out for some tea. He's three, but was much more mature than some dick-heads I knew. It had rained earlier so he was wearing his Spider-Man rain boots and batman coat. He splashed around in the puddles as I made my way around them, but still got slightly sprayed when he stomped in them. I looked up and saw the place I was looking for; a small café on the corner of the street, just as the neighbours had described. I hauled Michael away from the curb and into the coffee shop. 

He plopped himself down in a booth and began playing with the napkin dispenser as I ordered something for us. He got a small tea, half milk and two sugars, whilst I ordered myself a coffee, with two sugar and two milk. I even got us some brownies to munch on. I gave them a twenty, told the barista to keep the change and slid in across from Mikey. "Here bud." I gave him his tea and he took the cover off and blew on it. I smiled, "half milk."

He giggled and stuttered, "Oops."

I placed a brownie on a napkin and pushed it in front of him, sipping some of my coffee. "How long are we gonna live here?" He asked, his l's sounding slightly like w's. 

"I dunno, Mikey, why?" I was curious as to why he seemed sad by my response. 

"I wanna go back home." He demanded, tearing a small piece of his brownie and popping it in his mouth. 

"We can go back home as soon as you finish your tea, Kay?" I took another sip of the incredible coffee.

He shook his head, his curls swaying as he did so, "I mean our first home." 

I nearly forgot he was only three and therefore couldn't remember all the moving we used to do. "I don't think we're going back there, mom and dad like it here, and we have no choice in the matter until we can move out." 

He didn't like this at all; I could tell, but he kept quiet about it, instead he decided to talk about super heroes. "Superman is better than Batman."

I gasped in fake shock, "How dare you say such a thing to me? Batman rules."

He laughed, "but Superman has his super-strength."

"Batman has kryptonite." I stuck my tongue out at him to prove my point.

"That's no fair!" He pointed at me accusingly. 

Our little fight continued until a certain someone entered the café. I noticed the stranger with the pink dye in his hair. He looked adorable, wearing a beanie now. "Is that the boy you like?" Michael asked loudly, catching the mysterious guy's attention. 

He glanced over and caught my eye quickly, striding over to talk to me. "When I said 'accio adorable,' I didn't know it would work." He smirked, obviously after seeing my Deathly Hallows bracelet. 

Michael furrowed his eye brows, confused by the flirting. I became awkward and lamely asked for his name. 

"Alex, and yours?" He asked whilst sliding in to sit by me. 

"Roxy." I fidgeted with my chipping nail polish.

"I'm Michael!" Mikey exclaimed, wanting in on the name game.

"Is this your sister, Michael?" Alex asked the three year old.

I watched as Mike nodded.

Alex spoke up again, "you think she'll give me her number?" 

He put on a thinking face for a few seconds, glancing between me and Alex. "Yup." 

I nearly choked on my coffee. Alex turned to me, "Is his estimate correct?"

I thought about it for a second, then decided why the hell not. "My number is meant for giving out to cute guys, and would you look at that, there's one right in front of me, gimme your hand." 

I wrote my number on the palm of his hand, adding a wink face to my name. 

"I'll call you later, gorgeous." With that, he ordered something and left.

"I think we should go home now." Michael grinned innocently and pulled me out the door, clutching three of my fingers in his chubby hand.

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